October 20, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 20

Stories from the October 20, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Hanson is MMMBack and (mostly) grown up

The lights dim. The crowd erupts. Three shaggy-haired men take the stage, launching into a driving backbeat reminiscent of a beer-soaked bar band. “Hello, Melbourne!” cries the singer. The crowd erupts again. The band croons a melancholy vocal harmony, their tortured souls bared to the thousands of onlookers. Black Crowes? Rolling Stones? Hell naw. That’s […]

Kevan Duve: Perceptions matter for GW administration

Unless you work in Rice Hall, you’re likely well-acquainted with GW’s unofficial reputation – the campus vibe, so to speak – a muted variation of boisterous ANC declarations which gets circulated in our corridors, classrooms and offices. It’s a wink-wink, nudge-nudge mentality almost universally shared among students and faculty alike, so ingrained that it usually […]

University, SA asking for student input on 20-year development plan

It may not be a crystal ball, but it could be a glimpse into the future of GW. The University has released a 20-year campus development plan outlining possible sites that will add 2 million square feet of academic buildings and student housing. The development plan, which can be found at http://neighborhood.gwu.edu, shows 18 separate […]

Curtis Whatley: Honking the horn of anonymity

Nothing is more irritating than D.C. motorists who insist on honking their horn every chance they get. I have lost count of how many times a blaring horn rudely interrupted my sleep or unmercifully squashed my good mood. One night, I finally had enough when a bus driver thought it was necessary to relentlessly honk […]

The long way home: Students move far from Foggy Bottom

Although it had been about eight years since he last rode a bike, senior Dave Lipschutz spent his summer at home perfecting his peddling skills – not for a marathon or for a mountain biking trail, but in preparation for his commute. This year he moved from Foggy Bottom to a townhouse at 15th and […]

Former Hatchet editor in chief Paul Connolly: Remembering Phil Robbins

Alumni of GW’s journalism program and of this newspaper lost their friend and mentor Phil Robbins last week. Robbins, professor emeritus and former chairman of the journalism department, died Oct. 13 at his home in Elkton, Md., of pancreatic cancer. Robbins joined the journalism faculty in 1971 and became chairman in 1973 until his retirement […]

Colonial Army gets 200 more seats

After selling its initial allocation of 800 seats in less than one day, the Colonial Army will receive an additional allocation of 200 seats in the Smith Center for basketball games. The organization, which is devoted solely to the basketball program, will offer “Colonial Army Gold Club Memberships.” These memberships will be coupled with a […]

Letters to the editor

Hezbollah not so nice I was a little disappointed with Geoff Bendeck’s column, “GW Expat: Face to Face with Hezbollah.” While I do not understand how study abroad status makes him an expat, it is not so important to me. What I am concerned with are his analysis and assessments, which I believe to be […]