October 3, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 15

Stories from the October 3, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Technology helps the booty call

There are a lot of things that have contributed to the emergence of the hookup culture and caused today’s generation to move away from dating and toward random rendezvous. One reason, which can be an essential hookup tool, is technology. Think about it – before cell phones, pagers, beepers and online instant messaging, people couldn’t […]

Not down with hooking up: resisting the culture

The word “hookup” is as vital to the college vocabulary as pronouns. But for some college students, it’s just a word, not a lifestyle. While hooking up – or participating in a casual sexual encounter with little or no emotional involvement – is the norm, some students choose not to conform to the culture. Sometimes […]

Whats the deal with… white and black squirrels?

These unusual-looking animals seem like they might belong in some type of forest creature circus than scurrying around campus. Black squirrels are all over D.C., and the occasional white squirrel sighting is known to happen too. D.C. is, after all, widely cited as one of the cities with the largest squirrel population in the country. […]

Volleyball completes A-10

An enthusiastic crowd for Parent/Alumni Weekend could only propel the GW volleyball team to one victory at the Smith Center this past weekend. The Colonials rolled over the La Salle Explorers 3-0 Friday night, but were swept 3-0 on Saturday by archrival Temple, their second Atlantic 10 Conference adversary from Philadelphia that weekend. Temple 3, […]

GW Expat: Just another day in Cairo

Junior Geoff Bendeck, an international affairs major, will spend two semesters studying abroad in Cairo and – Office of Study Abroad permission pending – Beirut, Lebanon. Twice a month, he will share his experiences and observations from the Middle East as one of GW’s many expats. “Hiiyyaa!” exhaled our guide Mohammed. It was the perfect […]

Women’s tennis wins two, loses one

In tennis, perhaps more than in any other sport, a player is never really out of a match until he shakes hands with his opponent. Each individual game represents a fresh start, as all it takes is a few points for the momentum to change sides completely, simultaneously starting both a comeback and a collapse. […]

Men’s soccer stopped in 2 OT

The sun shone on Saturday at the Mount Vernon Athletic Complex for the GW men’s soccer team’s last out-of-conference game. But the sun was not a telling sign for how GW fared in the contest. Despite a 3-2 halftime lead, the Colonials gave up a goal late in the second half and then another midway […]

Virginia Tech soccer visiting GW: Never again?

In the first half of the GW men’s soccer team’s game against Virginia Tech on Saturday, “control” should have been the team’s nickname. Every time there was a loose ball, the Colonials owned it. When there was a questionable call, it went GW’s way. When the Colonials were not able to capitalize, it was due […]

Archaeology department sees four-fold increase in majors

Eric Cline’s life doesn’t much resemble that of Indiana Jones’. He doesn’t carry a bullwhip, and the only deathtraps he has to avoid are the Metro train’s fast-closing doors. But as the chair of GW’s classics department and a practicing old-world archaeologist, Cline manages to keep just as busy as America’s favorite fictional archaeologist. Under […]