September 26, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 13

Stories from the September 26, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Editorial: Make foreign language a priority

At a university in the heart of the diplomatic world, a robust and efficient foreign language program must complement the already prestigious political science and international affairs curriculum available to GW students. The proliferation of part-time faculty within foreign language departments and the dearth of class sections available foster a perception of an insufficient foreign […]

Kip Lornell and Jim Levy: Lehman’s mistakes

Last semester the National Labor Relations Board certified that SEIU Local 500 won the election to bargain collectively on behalf of the University’s approximately 1,200 part-time faculty. Now the University refuses to bargain with us because, as Vice President Donald Lehman contends in a September 1, 2005 letter addressed to the part-time faculty, “The University […]

Rose Murray: Add a voting student trustee

There is a polarizing movement at The George Washington University to have a student representative on the Board of Trustees. For the most part, the divide is between concerned students and aloof administrators. The current University policy is to allow the Student Association president limited speaking time at a closed-door (not open to the public […]

Letters to the Editor

Student Accounts inconsistency A few days ago I noticed that I still owed the University tuition. I logged onto GWeb to investigate and discovered a charge for more than $500 for dropping a class. I had dropped a class, but it was replaced immediately after I dropped the course. I called Student Accounts to find […]

Quick View: CFs by the numbers

Students this year are learning to adapt to the impact of the increased numbers of community facilitators living in upperclassman residence halls. While the costs imposed on privacy, freedom and personal responsibility cannot be measured, the baseline dollar impact of the CF increase is quantifiable. 111 community facilitators, including 44 additional CFs this year, with […]

Facebook’s hot lists

Not all of the students in these groups are really models, but at least someone thinks they should be. The student networking database is home to several groups claiming to list GW’s most attractive students. The groups include “The 25 Hottest Girls at GW,” “The 25 Hottest Guys at GW,” “The 25 Hottest Guys […]

Biggest eaters in the GWorld

Spending a few dollars to rent a movie is the normal solution to Saturday night boredom. For a few sophomore males, however, their solution was spending nearly $400 on food. Not just any food, of course- they ate cuisine paid for entirely with Colonial Cash. In a 24-hour marathon of GWorld spending, Seth Fink, Nick […]

What’s the deal with… walls in the School Without Walls?

Admit it-you’ve walked past the School Without Walls Senior High School on campus and been confused. With an obvious structural irony in the D.C. Public School’s name, it’s normal to be stumped. The old, red brick building on G Street-which from the looks of it might be without air conditioning, maybe without reliable electricity, but […]

Models strike a student pose

At first, sophomore Thomas Cornelis was embarrassed when people recognized him by his photo in The Hatchet. And there were more than a few people who noticed. That’s because Cornelis was a regular in the newspaper last semester. He appeared frequently as the spring line model in advertisements for a trendy Georgetown clothing store, Up […]