September 12, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 9

Stories from the September 12, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: Progressives on the rise

Shh. It’s coming: progressivism is back. Slowly, but aggressively, our generation is coming together to make sure our tomorrow is something decided by us, rather than by the grayed-haired Viagra users currently in power. In D.C. over the summer, a movement within our generation began to take hold in the name of progress. In addition […]

A journey’s end

Just days after graduating last spring, Matt D’Alessio boarded his father’s 1970 Motobecane Super Mirage bike in Yorktown, Va., and-along with his friend and fellow graduate Dave Adams- started peddling. Nineteen and a half flat tires (15.5 of them belonged to Adams), 17 broken spokes (all 17 belonged to D’Alessio), 66 days and about 4,300 […]

Letters to the Editor

West Indefensible Curtis Whatley’s column defending Kanye West (“More than just a rapper,” Sept. 8, p. 5) is perhaps the most ridiculous Bush-bashing column I’ve ever read. Whatley defends West’s comments that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” arguing that West is head of his time. Actually, it appears that West is behind his […]

Escapes: The C&O Canal

D.C. might not be an outdoorsman’s paradise, but this big city has more to offer than concrete jungles and asphalt gardens. The nation’s capital is actually an extremely outdoor-friendly city, with miles of trails, parks and waterways. So, interested in crossing a stream rather than 23rd Street? Or, want to ditch the cab for a […]

Students may have GW-Dulles shuttle by November

Students may soon have a little less trouble making it out to Dulles International Airport. To ease the stress of travel, the Student Association is working to start an airport shuttle service from the Foggy Bottom campus to Virginia’s Dulles International Airport that could be running by Thanksgiving. SA Executive Vice President Morgan Corr has […]

Washers at American go high-tech

For students at American University, laundry day no longer means hoping for an available washer or dryer when walking into the laundry room. AU students can now go online and check for available machines from the comfort of their dorm rooms. The online laundry system, called, was installed in nine AU residence halls with […]

It ain’t Long Island: Meet Esra Alemdar

Forget the first 10 people you met at GW – not everyone is from Long Island. Or New Jersey, for that matter. Or even Pennsylvania. Though many times you may hear students asking one another “Nassau or Suffolk County?” GW really does attract students from interesting locales all over the country and the globe. Meet […]

Column: Are you a patriot?

Nearly four years later, thinking about Sept. 11 is still one of few things capable of moving me to tears. It was unbelievably humbling to observe how the events of Sept. 11 united Americans. For a few months, Americans ceased to divide themselves by their differences. Instead, they united behind one another in temporarily dissolving […]

Student government politics: It happens everywhere

The GW Student Association is famous – or infamous – for being plagued with all the bickering, partisan divides and egos of a real government body. Students discussing the politics and the bureaucracy of the SA often sigh, “Only at GW.” But how fair is that characterization? While it’s difficult to make an exact judgment […]

Column: The Muslim mentality

Sept. 11: the date we and our generation will never forget. To the families and friends of the victims, every year as the date approaches, so does the unforgettable memory of the loss of their loved ones. We all will remember where we were when we learned of the tragic flights. I was a freshman […]