September 8, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 8

Stories from the September 8, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: Strengthen the middle ground

One day, about two months ago, this columnist was given a pair of idealistic lectures that left him shamefully bowing his head at the current American political structure. One came from a liberal who refused to consider warfare ever appropriate. Another came from a pair of conservatives who believed Bush when he said that Osama […]

New Orleans students arrive at GW

Even before Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University students were no strangers to hurricane-prompted evacuations. And when they were told on the last weekend of August to leave their New Orleans dwellings as Katrina approached, they thought it was another false alarm that would give them a few days off from school. “Everybody was looking forward to […]

Column: More than just a rapper

When rapper Kanye West used the cameras at NBC’s “A Concert for Hurricane Relief” to tell viewers that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” producers didn’t believe their eyes and ears. Before West could turn his sights on Vice President Dick Cheney, the network cut to comedian Chris Tucker and snipped the rapper’s tirade […]

Editorial: More community, less facilitating

At GW, the students tasked with keeping order in the residence halls forego the traditional title of residential advisor in favor of a name with an even friendlier connotation – community facilitator. Theoretically, the job of a CF would be to build community within University residence halls. In practice, however, CFs are at best a […]

Column: A true victory

The Gaza withdrawal has been a positive step toward the liberation of the occupied territories and the creation of a Palestinian state. Yet, some commentators in the media have complained of Palestinian celebrations and descriptions of the withdrawal as a victory. These complaints seem untenable and tend to follow the line of blaming Palestinians for […]

Column: Bricks and mortar

Ever since the new GW Hospital was built, administrators have engaged in much hand-wringing over the future of the old hospital site – land known as “Square 54.” University officials promised a slow and deliberative planning process, one that could take up to a decade. They said that since Square 54 was one of the […]

Column: Greek-letter life: priceless

You’ve chosen to come to GW, and it’s expensive. So why would you pay another couple hundred dollars a semester to go Greek? College only lasts for four years and it goes by fast; decisions have to be made quickly. If you are trying to maximize your college experience, going Greek provides you the most […]