September 8, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 8

Stories from the September 8, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Athletes cheering each other

Remember all of the Hollywood flicks that depict groups of jocks congregated in leather letterman jackets? Art mimicks reality as athletes are well-known for their tendency to associate with one another, with collegiate athletes being no exceptions. While some GW sports programs, such as men’s basketball, have passionate and established fan bases, less popular programs […]

University readies for Social Security number phase-out

Students may be assigned randomly generated identification numbers as early as January as part of GW’s plan for a campus-wide reduction of the use of Social Security numbers as a means of identification. University officials said the project, which has been in the works for several years, will be completed by July 2006, enabling students […]

Shakour delivers ‘State of the SA’ address

Student Association President Audai Shakour gave the annual State of the SA speech on Tuesday at the first Senate meeting of the year in the Marvin Center. Shakour outlined his plans and goals for the year, among them an initiative to keep freshmen involved on campus, the creation of the Student Services and Advocacy Center […]

Forty-four CFs added to upperclassman residence halls

Forty-four additional community facilitators will function as the eyes and ears of the University this year in a move that increases supervision in upperclassman residence halls. The Community Living and Learning Center placed additional CFs in City Hall, the Aston, Ivory Tower, New Hall, 1959 E Street, Guthridge Hall and Lafayette Hall. James Kohl, director […]

Mount Vernon Shuttle involved in collision with cab

A Foggy Bottom-Mount Vernon shuttle was involved in an accident with a cab last week near its stop at 23rd and H streets, shuttle supervisors and students involved said. Shuttle supervisor Hattie Lewis said that no damage was sustained to either vehicle. Students who witnessed the crash, however, said there was minor damage to both […]

Business school prepares for move to Duques Hall

GW’s School of Business can officially begin moving into its new 22nd Street home on Nov. 1, after more than a year of construction on Duques Hall. On a tour of the new building this week, officials told The Hatchet that construction of the business school home is almost complete, with final touches such as […]

Katrina puts students’ lives on hold

Just over a week ago, Brianne Culley was on a flight to New Orleans, primed to begin her final year at Tulane University. Now after fleeing from the path of Hurricane Katrina, the fifth-year architecture student is temporarily staying with a friend in New Jersey. She hopes to enroll in Cornell this week. “It’s a […]

Column: Strengthen the middle ground

One day, about two months ago, this columnist was given a pair of idealistic lectures that left him shamefully bowing his head at the current American political structure. One came from a liberal who refused to consider warfare ever appropriate. Another came from a pair of conservatives who believed Bush when he said that Osama […]

New Orleans students arrive at GW

Even before Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University students were no strangers to hurricane-prompted evacuations. And when they were told on the last weekend of August to leave their New Orleans dwellings as Katrina approached, they thought it was another false alarm that would give them a few days off from school. “Everybody was looking forward to […]

Column: More than just a rapper

When rapper Kanye West used the cameras at NBC’s “A Concert for Hurricane Relief” to tell viewers that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” producers didn’t believe their eyes and ears. Before West could turn his sights on Vice President Dick Cheney, the network cut to comedian Chris Tucker and snipped the rapper’s tirade […]