August 31, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 5

Stories from the August 31, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Fraternities vie for campus status

The University is planning on expanding the Greek-letter community by adding one fraternity this fall. GW and the Interfraternity Council have invited five national Greek-letter organizations to present proposals to the IFC expansion committee. One will then become a colony and be recognized by the University. “Our first priority is to expand to entirely new […]

‘Best Week Ever’ draws big laughs

VH1’s live version of the cable network’s hit show “Best Week Ever” had a sold-out Lisner Auditorium crowd in laughing fits Monday night. “Best Week Ever” cast members Christian Finnegan, Paul Scheer, Danielle Schneider and Sherrod Small performed individual stand-up comedy acts in front of the 1,500-person audience. Panelists also performed trademark segments of the […]

What’s the deal with… those bird statues?

At GW, you don’t have to look up to do a little bird-watching. One bird looks as students pass through University Yard, and another perches outside the West End residence hall. But even though they don’t move, many students may not have noticed these winged sculptures. And if you have seen the avian artworks, chances […]

Editorial: Alleviate amnesty ambiguity

The University’s proposed medical amnesty policy is a positive step for the health, safety and well-being of the entire student body. GW deserves praise for implementing this program, which clearly indicated that it listened to reasonable students concerns. First-time underage drinkers now have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes instead of forgoing medical treatment […]

University institutes hospitalization amnesty plan

The University has adopted a new medical amnesty policy that will allow some students to receive medical attention for alcohol-related problems without receiving disciplinary action. In order for students to benefit from the program, the incident must be their first transportation to the hospital for alcohol and they must not be violating any other parts […]

Editorial: Greek policy paradox

It’s the classic GW paradox: the Student Activities Center spends months planning for the expansion of Greek-letter life on campus while Student Judicial Services places three fraternities on social probation. Although the circumstances surrounding the probations and the expansion are not connected, the University’s attitude toward Greek-letter life frequently falls into this pattern of juxtaposed […]

Sept. 11 sorority recruitment start draws criticism

The first day of the Panhellenic Association’s sorority recruitment will fall on Sept. 11, but three sororities and the president of the Student Association said the day should be reserved for remembrance. The annual six-day event is planned to run from Sept. 11 to 17 and will kick off with a six-hour meet-and-greet among prospective […]

Column: Remembering unsung American heroes

On Tuesday, August 23, Sherra White and her son Steve Lotti boarded a flight from Lima, Peru, bound for the Amazon city of Pucallpa. It was Sherra’s first trip abroad, her retirement celebration after 32 years as a Georgia public school teacher. Her guide to South America was her son Steve, who had just finished […]

Paying, dearly, for pages

When freshman Erin Feeley went to GW’s bookstore to buy her textbooks, she thought $400 would cover the bill. Instead, the biomedical engineering major ended up paying almost $850 for all new, mostly new-edition books – before receiving a single class syllabus. “It just makes college that much more expensive,” Feeley said. “With all the […]

EMeRG, not an average college job

Senior Adam Gitlin is not your average college student. While his friends may be seen walking around campus going to various parties and social functions, Gitlin can be seen in a white and blue SUV, on his way to a possible medical emergency. “Basically, I have a passion to help people,” said Gitlin, a crew […]