August 25, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 4

Stories from the August 25, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: Adopt four-by-four

This year, a GW task force is again exploring the viability of a four-course, four-credit undergraduate curriculum. This so-called “four-by-four” system was previously shot down when faculty rejected it in tandem with a mandatory summer session. As a stand-alone proposal, though, it deserves thorough reconsideration. Adoption of a four-by-four system could become the most enduring […]

Column: Complacency has no place at GW

An open letter to the newly minted GW class of 2009: Welcome. Since GW is your chosen institution for higher learning, there’s about a 90 percent likelihood you hail from one of three blue states: Pennsylvania, New York or New Jersey (OK, that’s a bit of a stretch). If you’re in that 10 percent that […]

Educational Globetrotting

Taking flamenco dancing lessons in Spain would be a dream vacation for some. Having someone else pay for it in the name of education makes it even better. Too good to be true? Hardly. For most students, studying abroad means spending a semester in a foreign country and taking classes at a university. But, for […]

Editorial: Improve summer services

GW prides itself on the impeccable services it offers to students. High-quality residence halls, the 4-RIDE van service and a wide variety of food establishments complement the GW academic experience. It seems, however, that the end of the academic year brings a significant decline in the quality of student services for summer residents. During the […]

What’s the deal with … infectious disease rumors in Thurston?

After more than 1,000 freshmen settle into Thurston Hall and start hearing about the infectious disease outbreaks rumored to plague the building each year, they might begin wondering what other vaccines they should have gotten before moving in. From scabies on the sixth floor to syphilis on the second, this close-proximity and notoriously promiscuous residence […]

Tech for all: The quota chase: Unclogging e-mail

There’s nothing more frustrating than logging into your Colonial Mail account, only to face a stern warning that you’re coming ever closer to reaching your dreaded message quota. At 20 megabytes of storage space, C-Mail does let you hold on to hundreds of messages, but for those who like keeping a record of everything, this […]

Fraternities fight sanctions

Tau Kappa Epsilon leaders are appealing a Student Judicial Services sanction leveled after a member of the fraternity sustained injuries three months ago in an apparent fall from their townhouse. Of GW’s 12 fraternities, three including Tau Kappa Epsilon have been sanctioned by SJS and put on social probation since May. Being on social probation […]

$40,000 and then some

When GW students and their parents pay more than $40,000 for two semesters, some may not realize that there may be more money they owe the University throughout the year. After paying one of the highest university tuitions in the country, students could also be hit throughout the year with fees in a number of […]

Gelman updates technology

One common gripe among GW students is the $50 voluntary library donation, which some claim is tough to opt out of because it is often overshadowed by more expensive costs on the tuition bill. But Gelman administrators hope students, upon their first trip to the library this semester, see that their money has been put […]