June 15, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 3

Stories from the June 15, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: A University blueprint

Starting off in college is comparable to having a hangover: it’s a little rough at first, but you hope it was all worth it. However, to make sure you are ready to handle it, I have compiled a few key terms and issues to make sure you’re up to speed from day one. First, there […]

Freshmen to get big taste of the Vern at CI

Some love it, others avoid it like the plague. Why is there a mixed opinion of the Mount Vernon Campus, why do some embrace the little GW located on Foxhall Road northwest of Georgetown, and why do some hate it? The University acquired the former women’s college in 1998 and now houses more than 400 […]

Dorms vary from quiet to party central

Freshmen attending Colonial Inauguration this summer will get their first taste of GW dorm life and possibly decide to change their housing preferences. The University offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to change which dorm they would like to spend their first year in after orientation to give them a chance to look at all options […]

D.C. Neighborhoods

Students come to GW for many reasons: a desire to intern on the Hill, aspirations of medical school, visions of a powerful post-graduate job on K Street or just the awesome maid service in freshman dorms. What they all have in common, though, is an appreciation for Washington, D.C., and the longing for the next […]

GW Dictionary: Learn a new language

Freshmen starting their first year at GW will have to learn a new language when they arrive on campus in August. New students will be hit with a variety of acronyms, sayings and nicknames that will undoubtedly confuse them for the first few weeks or even months. In order to aid freshmen in adapting to […]

GW has a group for any taste

For the aspiring thespians and musicians of this freshman class, Colonial Inauguration is more than just an opportunity to meet new people – it’s a chance to scope out the hottest performing arts groups to join. There are dozens of options for prospective actors, singers, comedians and arts lovers of all types, and these groups […]

Solve the course quandry

For the sea of rising freshmen attending Colonial Inauguration, perhaps no task is as daunting as selecting a class schedule for the fall semester. With no knowledge of GW’s professors and minimal guidance from upperclassmen, CI attendees will be codifying four months of their life cold. Luckily, The Hatchet has compiled a fall 2005 course […]

Last year in review

September 2004 Mount Vernon shuttle bus plagued by fire, accidents A Mount Vernon shuttle suffered a severe fire and another overran a barrier within a week of each other in September 2004. A third bus was evacuated due to smoke in April 2005. Following a first evacuation due to a strange noise on Sept. 3, […]

Column: GW is home for sports fans

Well if you’ve made it this far, you should know what you are getting into. Welcome to Colonial Inauguration: a terrible representation of your next four years in Washington. One thing you should know about your place of education for the next four years is that George Washington is like the Masters: a university unlike […]