April 28, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 61

Stories from the April 28, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: In defense of Ratzinger

The election of Benedict XVI, a man of firm faith and great wisdom, has already come into question. Many have asked why the college did not select a cardinal from the third world. Doing so may have signaled a new evangelization. The third world, however, is not where a new evangelization is needed. Two-thirds of […]

A gendered analysis

Girl’s Opinion: “XXX: State of the Union” (Columbia Pictures) features Ice Cube as a rogue Navy Seals sniper who must stop Willem Dafoe from assassinating the president and restructuring the government in his perverted Jeffersonian conception. Naturally, Ice Cube does this with sweet explosions – everything he touches explodes. He farts gunpowder and pees petrol. […]

O, Brave New World!

Let’s face it. Pretty much everyone has been assigned to read Shakespeare’s The Tempest at some point in his or her educational career. If not, I don’t know how you got out of that one, as I personally have had to read and overanalyze the play twice. However, if you really have not had the […]

Column: What are we looking for?

It’s the secondary education Catch-22: does one go to school to receive an education or go to school to find a job? Unlike the utopian ideal of the collegiate academic experience where days are spent scouring library stacks, debating political theory with friends and professors living and breathing their subject matter with their students, GW […]

A moment of triumph

Football is an activity that requires balance, coordination and huge muscles. Art, which requires small motor skills and an eye for detail, is a drastically different pursuit. Yet somehow, George Nock has been able to succeed in both professions, first as a running back for the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins, and now […]

SA Notes

Shakour still unable to pass legal advisor through Senate While the Senate rejected two presidential cabinet nominations Tuesday night, difficulties in selecting the Student Association’s top legal advisor showed political divisions between the executive and legislative branches. President-elect Audai Shakour’s nominee for vice president of judicial and legislative affairs, sophomore Jeff Goodman, unsuccessfully tried Tuesday […]

A ‘Family’ gathering

He’s a man of a 1,000 voices – or a handful of really good ones, anyway. “Family Guy” creator and voice actor Seth MacFarlane is scraping whatever is left of his vocal cords to finish off the remaining episodes of the on-again-off-again animated series. He’s pulling double duty these days, voicing principle characters for his […]

Sex fest arouses controversy

FAIRFAX, Va. – Virginia may be for lovers, but some state lawmakers protested what they called an inappropriate display of sex at George Mason University on Monday. The Sextravaganza sexual health fair received heated criticism from two Virginia legislators who said the event would disgrace the school – a claim disputed by event organizers and […]

Column: Time to grow up

When I opened up my April 25 issue of the Hatchet to read “SJS targets APES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon with Facebook” (p. 1), I found something particularly shocking. No, it was not that the University is using a public Web site to investigate alleged rules violations by off-campus, unaffiliated groups with a history of breaking […]

Goldwater Scholarships allow students to pursue career dreams

After sophomore Amrita Karve’s friend died when she was in middle school, the student knew she wanted to devote her life to healing people. “When my friend died from an aneurysm in eighth grade, I became more religious,” Karve said. “Understanding how people coped with life and death catalyzed my interest in medicine. I wanted […]