March 28, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 52

Stories from the March 28, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Hidden camera tip prompts UPD search

A likely practical joke turned out to be no laughing matter for three female freshmen living in the Hall on Virginia Avenue. An anonymous tip about a hidden spy camera located in a fourth floor HOVA room led to a search by University Police investigators that didn’t turn up any digital Peeping Toms. Community Director […]

Shakour to be confirmed as next SA president

Posted Friday, April 1, 6:55 p.m. Junior Audai Shakour will be the next president of the Student Association, the Joint Elections Committee announced early Friday evening. The JEC acquitted the winner of last week’s run-off of one of two violations brought against him and will certify him as the president-elect of the SA. JEC chairman […]

Hitching a ride

Senior Keith Raine wanted to pick his girlfriend up from the airport when she returned after a weekend away. While he could have called a cab, taken public transportation or bummed a ride from a buddy, Raine wanted to ride in style. Regardless of the District of Columbia’s convenient Metro, bus and taxi systems, life […]

Column: The perception of normal

While having dinner with some family friends a few weeks ago, a comment was made that happened to snatch my attention away from my steak. “Have you seen that show ‘Desperate Housewives’?’” “Yeah,” my aunt replied. “It’s unbelievable! You don’t think people really think housewives are like that? How can they put that on TV? […]

The virtue of snap judgments

AUSTIN, Texas, March 13 – Malcolm Gladwell steps on stage, his gently receding hairline overshadowed by the large Afro hovering above it. Sleek, stylish jeans and a track jacket hug his small frame, and his comically oversized fingers begin twitching while a volunteer attaches a microphone to the collar of his jacket. The South by […]

Cherry Blossom festival begins

As part of an annual testament to the conclusion of winter, millions will journey to the banks of the Potomac tidal basin between now and April 10 to gaze in wonder at a sea of pink blossoms adorning Washington’s legendary Japanese cherry trees. This year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival, which will mark the 93rd anniversary […]

Column: Election analysis

The votes are in, the ballots cast, the posters taken down, and yet the three-ring circus also known as the Student Association election continues. With continuing violation hearings being held for Audai Shakour and Ben Traverse after the ballot count, it seems that the final curtain has yet to be drawn. Instead of the candidates […]

Editorial: Stick to the rules

Even though this year’s Student Association election is over, the Joint Elections Committee continues its work in investigating alleged violations by both candidates involved in the run-off. Both Ben Traverse and the winner of the presidential runoff, Audai Shakour, racked up campaign violations during the regular election and moved closer to the seven-vote threshold for […]

Column: Fighting against ourselves

I once thought the war on drugs was the United States’ most self-defeating policy – until recently, when the war on terrorism stole that prize. The effectiveness of the war on drugs is not entirely stunted by the government’s own hypocrisy, unlike the war on terrorism. This newer war circuitously spends money on fighting terrorists […]

Editorial: Unfair burden

For most GW students, living on campus is a foregone conclusion. Citing relative convenience and impressive new facilities, students continue to return to GW residence halls despite being charged above-market value for a competitively inferior product. The University cannot continue supplementing its tuition by charging outrageous prices for students to live on-campus when they are […]