March 10, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 50

Stories from the March 10, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

SJT’s son to tie the knot in the Marvin Center

University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg will be in the Marvin Center on Sunday, but he won’t be conducting business. He will be attending the marriage of his younger son Ben. Ben, who will graduate from Columbia Law School later this year, will exchange vows with bride Joanna Winslade in the building’s Betts Theatre on the […]

Something like a Menomena

Just walk into any hipster hangout and you’ll see it. Far and above, the most popular debate amongst fans of so-called Indie rock is about the lack of originality in a growing number of copy-cat bands, a strange phenomena in a genre that was once (and presumably still is) built around experimentation and uniqueness. But […]

Interview with “In My Country” director John Boorman

Hatchet: In the movie it seems that Juliette Binoche’s character was against apartheid but didn’t take a very active role. Why is that? Boorman: Well, the thing is, what can anyone actually do? That was the problem for people in the Apartheid period. You could protest, and you could get arrested, or whatever. Or if […]

Black students make their run

If junior Audai Shakour is elected Student Association president, he would become the fourth black student in six years to win the top position of a student body that is 7.9 percent black. This year, three black candidates – Lamar Thorpe, Audai Shakour and C.J. Calloway – threw their hats in the ring for SA […]

Theatre Review: Equal-oppurtunity love

The lights go up on a spacious, contemporary living room with modern art, black-trimmed wood furniture and stunning red carpeting. By the time they go down, the art has been smashed, and the wood furniture lies skewed across the room. In between, a man tries explaining his extramarital affair with a goat. So evolves Arena […]

Film Review: “Downfall”

“Downfall” (Constantin Film Produktion) is a great film from beginning to end. There is one scene from the film’s beginning, however, that I think will live in my memory for a very long time; in 1942, Adolf Hitler (Bruno Ganz) is looking for a new secretary. Five young women have been granted personal interviews with […]

Potbelly sues Coggins’

The sandwich wars have officially begun. In a complaint filed in federal court, Potbelly Sandwich Works said an integral part of its success is “the unique look and feel” of its shops. But lawyers for the sandwich shop said a new restaurant has rendered the Potbelly chain not so unique after all: Coggins’, located in […]

Film Review; “In My Country”

“In My Country” (Sony Picture Classics) begins with gorgeous, sweeping pans of the South African countryside punctuated by grainy footage of young black men being beaten to death by white soldiers. Set right after Apartheid, two journalists try to reconcile the country’s beautiful landscape and horrible past. But although the movie raises interesting questions, it […]

Film Review: “Dear Frankie”

“Dear Frankie” (Path? Pictures) is Scot Shona Auerbach’s feature film debut, but she already has an ability that many experienced American directors haven’t mastered – filming a sad story without making it into mush. The movie begins with a family moving from one town in Scotland to another. Lizzie Morrison (Emily Mortimer, “Young Adam”) and […]

Traverse campaign stays alive

Student Association presidential candidate Ben Traverse is not out of the woods yet. While the Joint Elections Committee acquitted the junior Wednesday night of two violations that would have resulted in his dismissal from the March 23 and 24 run-off election, the organization will discuss an additional two complaints this week that may still result […]