March 3, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 48

Stories from the March 3, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Letter to the Editor

Leave fantasy island As far as I can tell from walking around campus, all of the candidates in the Student Association elections endorse loud music, free candy and mass littering. Now, I cannot turn down free candy, but the other two seem to be byproducts of the SA’s obsession with imitating the worst aspects of […]

Beyond the Myth

The title of this exhibit alludes to the general idea of fiction surrounding Amedeo Modigliani’s life and works. Actually, he wasn’t larger than life, but rather lived a realistic and often harsh bohemian lifestyle at the beginning of 20th Century Paris. An Italian ?migr?, Modigliani grappled with poverty, addiction, illness and most of all, lack […]


Due to an error, Timothy Ziese’s Senate candidate statement (Feb. 26 p. 12) mistakenly stated that he wants a GW Wifi. He actually called for a web page similar to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. The former Sigma Alpha Epsilon house is not located at 2028 G St., as stated in the article “GW to buy […]

Film Review: A broke down palace

As a critic, my job should not be to interpret the politics of a movie or documentary, but rather to assess how compellingly it presents itself. In the past year there were two films prominently positioned at extreme side of the ideological spectrum (“Fahrenheit 9/11” and “The Passion of the Christ”). And their reviews often […]

Smoke and honey

Humans have gathered honey longer than they have recorded their own history. In Prehistoric times as well as today, the beekeeping tradition has yielded the food, medicine and artistic medium through which entire cultures have been sustained. And it is through this lens that singer/songwriter Tori Amos views the mythology and current state of Christianity […]

Film Review: Diesel: Out of Fuel

Vin Diesel, how far ye hath fallen. After “Saving Private Ryan,” “Pitch Black,” and even “The Fast & The Furious,” Diesel was prepped to become the next big action star. But after a string of critical and financial flops like “A Man Apart” and “The Chronicles of Riddick” he was in dire need of a […]

Editorial: Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

New GWorld Partners Utilizing new technology has allowed the expansion of the GWorld Card program to a variety of new vendors as the quality of J Street continues to deteriorate. JEC politics Despite last year’s scandals, the Joint Elections Committee still proves itself incapable of ensuring the integrity of Student Association elections by filing frivolous […]

For Thompson and coach, road nears end

In October 2001, GW men’s basketball coach Karl Hobbs sat in his 22nd Street office, having just completed his first day of official practice as a head coach, and talked about the four members of his freshman class. He talked about the athleticism of a guy named Darrio Scott and the strength of Tamal Forchion, […]

New rule makes for quiet campaign

Unlike the intense buildup to Student Association elections of previous years, candidates engaged in scaled-back campaigning Wednesday due to new area boundaries for students looking to court votes. Candidates spread themselves out along H Street in front of Kogan Plaza to talk directly to voters with the help of music, costumes and free handouts on […]