February 24, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 46

Stories from the February 24, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

GW stuns Dayton on Elliott’s last-second shot

Click here for slideshow! Posted Saturday, Feb. 26, 5 p.m. DAYTON, Ohio – With the game tied at 59 and the clock ticking down Saturday afternoon, the situation looked bleak. Dayton had the ball, seemingly poised to take the game’s last shot and re-capture the Atlantic 10 West lead. But GW sophomore Carl Elliott did […]

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson

In a world where Michael Jackson continues to make headlines, it’s hard to believe that anything considered risqu? in 1963 could shock audiences today. However, director Terry Johnson’s stage adaptation of “The Graduate” does just that. From the first notes of Simon and Garfunkel to the falling of the final curtain, this cinematic classic tantalizes […]

Dance Dance Revolution

You know that song you hear one time and can’t get out of your head, the one where all you can remember is a snippet of it, and you can’t figure out what it’s called or who it’s by for the life of you? This is the song that keeps you up at night when […]

Editorial: Only students lose

Over the course of a year in the Student Association, certain themes continually reappear. Borrowing on a familiar one, this year’s election season has already seen significant controversy stemming from decisions by the Joint Elections Committee – the body charged with overseeing an impartial student election. This year’s controversy centers on competing contentions that members […]

The Bar Belle: Cilantro Restaurant and Tapas Bar

Cilantro Restaurant and Tapas Bar 3241 M St. NW It seems like once you make it to senior year, birthdays become a reason for everyone to go out for dinner and drinks. It is different from the 21st, when hoards of people buy you shot after shot in some dive that will allow a mixture […]

SA Notes

Senate candidates form students first A group of 10 Student Association Senate candidates have come together to form Students First. The team has members running for five undergraduate Senate seats with a mission to better help facilitate discussion between the University and students and to stop what they said is the inefficient bickering within the […]

Music videos and beyond

Acclaimed music video director Dave Meyers could tell you a few surprising stories about the artists he has worked with. Who knew that Dave Mathews, who Meyers describes as “a soulful, serious person” drank half a bottle of Jack Daniels and launched into a stand-up comedy routine before filming the video for “I Did It”? […]

The best movie ever made

In anticipation of next week’s Academy Awards, I would like to make a bold claim. After years of close scrutiny and study of the awards, I believe that I am now in possession of the knowledge necessary to create a film that would not only be a shining Oscar darling, but would become the divine […]

Crime Log

Attempted Simple Assault</b. 2/18 – Townhouse Row Unit G – 2:45 a.m. – case closed University Police responded to an intoxicated man who resides in the townhouse. When they responded, they found his jeans ripped and a puncture wound on his left thigh. He agreed to go to the GW Hospital emergency room. Referred to […]