February 17, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 44

Stories from the February 17, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

U. Maryland receives largest one-time donation in state’s history

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Two prominent University of Maryland alumni have pledged donations totaling $60 million to their alma mater which will fund scholarships for engineering students and business school and performing arts program. While officials say the university has not yet actually received the money, which was announced Feb. 3, the two $30 million donations […]

D.C. in anarchy

It’s not very often that D.C. is exposed to a musical orgy quite like that of Gogol Bordello. Defined as gypsy punk, the band perversely mixes Balkan, Middle Eastern, punk and electric beats to transgress all barriers of music except that of manufactured rock. Their sound is for those tired of the forced rock ‘n’ […]

Colleges promote healthy eating among students

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Worried about packing on the notorious freshmen 15 after all the late night snacking and take-out Chinese food? According to new reports, significant weight gain may be more of a serious health risk than you think. Recent reports highlight a growing obesity problem among young adults. According to the Center for Disease […]

Editorial: Evaluate priorities

Our view: While an academic facility entirely for student-athletes would raise GW’s profile for recruits, GW should allocate its resources toward other projects. At last Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting, men’s basketball coach Karl Hobbs proposed the University construct an academic facility exclusively for student-athletes. During his speech, Hobbs cited that the current facilities are […]

Pop princess sues insurance companies

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Pop princess Britney Spears made headlines once again last week, as she is filed suit against eight insurance companies that rejected her $9.8 million claim for canceling a summer 2004 tour due to a knee injury. Spears filed suit in the New York State Supreme Court against the eight companies, seven of […]

Saving the world from pop

“Basically everything,” Kasabian bassist Chris Edwards said in response to a query about the music he’s most recently hated. “It’s just all the manufactured crap that’s flooded the market,” he elaborated over the phone from his London hotel. But musical doomsdayists needn’t fear, because Kasabian says that they are here to change all that. “I […]

Column: Not just for conservatives

Having always been a bit left-of-center, I expect the Bush administration to disappoint me on a number of fronts. But besides its handling of foreign policy and civil rights, the present administration has left me dismayed in another important, yet often overlooked, area. Specifically, I am upset at what the president has done with religion. […]

College students discuss America’s role in Iraq, Sudan and tsunami

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Put your left foot forward, Campus Progress is coming to town. In an effort to “counter the growing influence of right-wing groups on campus,” the Center for American Progress began its college speaker’s tour on Friday, February 11th, with a dynamic Washington, D.C., panel addressing what America’s role should be in Iraq, […]

Good vs. Evil?

There is nothing special about the plot foundations of “Constantine” (Warner Brothers Productions). God and Satan were shooting craps and one of them said, “Hey, I bet I can get more souls into my realm than you can.” The wager was mutually accepted, and both deploy “halfbreeds” who look like normal humans but are constantly […]

Column: You have options

It’s a sad reality that GW, despite allegedly having the second most sexually active dorm in the nation, charges so much for STD testing that some students can’t afford to be tested on campus. What’s more sad is that GW, with supposedly a bright and assertive student body, is full of students who accept the […]