February 7, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 41

Stories from the February 7, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

To cheat, or not to cheat?

They hang ominously on the wall of every classroom as a constant reminder to every student that “the right answer comes from you,” silently propounding academic integrity in a middle ground somewhere between parental motivation and condescending admonishment. “Apparently, before the institution of these signs, the right answers came from everyone else,” freshman Fred LaPolla […]

Column: Let’s stand together

I believe it is time for students to stand up together to make GW a better place. Right now, hard-working but detached administrators are making decisions about our lives. No matter what their intentions may be, there is no way for these far-removed individuals to know what students want and need. For students to get […]

Column: Chaney worth the trip

Super Bowl week had about as much flavor as a Saltine cracker. If you take too much media coverage, add too many great, respectful players and throw in two “genius” but aloof coaches, what do you get? Really, really mind-numbingly drab quotes and a lack of juicy subplots. That development made me happy to stare […]

Column: Work it out

Every frosh down in frosh-ville likes HOVA a lot, but the Advisory Neighborhood Commission who lived just north of frosh-ville most certainly did not. The ANC hated HOVA … no one quite knows the reason. They hated it, and the whole school-year season. It could be that their head wasn’t screwed on quite right, or […]

Beck’s flurry leads women over Dayton

Coming off a road loss to La Salle Thursday night, the GW women’s basketball team needed a spark against Dayton Sunday. Freshman Kimberly Beck provided it, helping the Colonials down Dayton 71-59. GW (14-7, 7-3 Atlantic 10) came out sluggish against Dayton (10-11, 4-6 A-10), but Beck’s play drove her team down the stretch. With […]

Letters to the Editor

Keep smoking Though I recently quit smoking, I am appalled at the recent University decision to ban smoking in on-campus rooms next fall. What a joke. My advice is to smoke anyway. This is just another ridiculous attempt of GW trying to and convince you that you are not, despite the truth to the contrary, […]

Rookie runs the women’s show

She stands at five-feet-eight-inches and speaks with a slight southern drawl. Even though she just turned 18 just two months ago, she seems older than her age. But Kimberly Beck is just a freshman. And at the same time, she’s not just any freshman. As a rookie point guard, she is the floor leader of […]

Nation Briefs

Penn State roommates try to auction dorm window for ad space (U-WIRE) UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – If a man is able to sell his forehead as advertising space for $37,000, roommates Darren Braun and Shane Goodman thought they could easily sell their dorm room window as well. “It was a ‘Seinfeld’ moment. We thought, ‘Hey, […]

Column: Aborting debate

A recent Hatchet editorial (“Change tactics,” Jan. 27, p. 4) claimed that “where pro-life advocates have succeeded most substantially lies in their ability to dehumanize any woman who partakes in the (abortion) procedure.” This claim could not be further from the truth. The pro-life movement is rooted in the fundamental truth that all human beings […]

Bush, lawmakers propose Pell Grant changes

President Bush and some federal lawmakers have proposed additional plans for funding the cash-strapped Pell Grant program in the wake of tighter eligibility requirements set to take effect next school year. The program, which offers the main form of federal aid for underprivileged students, is running a $4.3 billion budget shortfall. Congress amended the program […]