January 27, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 38

Stories from the January 27, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: Bush’s conservative speech

I originally planned to defend President Bush’s second inaugural address from the usual and increasingly bitter Democratic attacks. But with four more years of the Bush White House, there will be plenty of time for that later. Right now, I must answer the few – but pressing – conservative criticisms of Bush’s truly momentous speech. […]

Thousands call for abortion ban at demonstration

About 50 students joined thousands of anti-abortion activists to call for a legal ban on abortion at the 32nd annual March for Life Monday. The demonstrators marched nearly 18 blocks from the Ellipse to the Supreme Court. Many of the students belonged to Colonials for Life, a non-sectarian group founded in October 2003 that has […]

Music Reviews

Artist: U2 Album: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Label: Interscope Records U2’s Atomic Bomb is a safe and predictable album that may frustrate the avid listener. This 11-track album is an uneven blend of subdued Euro-techno tempos and signature guitar reverberations, seemingly borrowed and reworked from previous studio sessions. Lead singer Bono contemplates more […]

Black Milk: Surprisingly Tasty

Bad Russian techno music issues forth from a cheap radio. Weak sunlight straggles through the thick smears of dust on the cracked glass of the doorway. The floor of this abandoned train station is filthy, littered with crumpled newspapers and other, unidentifiable debris. A wood-burning stove wheezes quietly in a corner as dustings of plaster […]

MPD investigates alleged abduction

Metropolitan Police officials are still investigating a freshman’s claim that he was abducted at gunpoint while walking home from a bar early Saturday morning. The student, who was not harmed in the incident, said a male driver forced him into a car at gunpoint at 18th and G streets and proceeded to drive around the […]


I’m sure by now most every college student in America has seen Mystery Science Theater 3000. You know, that show where the janitor and two robots are forced to watch the worst movies ever made from an orbiting satellite. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest holding off a little longer. Once it ends […]

Better left alone

What should filmgoers make of this recent trend of movies based on videogames? The back story for most games is just a hasty excuse for running around and shooting things. That might not be a problem when you’re actually running and shooting (or at least pushing the buttons), but when you’re just watching the action, […]

William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”

Despite the glut of Shakespearean films in the ’90s, there has not been a true film adaptation of “The Merchant of Venice” since the silent film era. The play remains controversial, especially due to its anti-Semitic theme. And although screenwriter-director Michael Radford attempts to deal with this issue, in doing so, he creates a tragedy-comedy […]

Special Delivery

If you’re sick of the monotony of modern radio, junior Bryan Randolph thinks he has a solution: podcasting, a fast-rising medium that exposes consumers to a wide array of new artists without the hassle of station surfing or file sharing. This new technology automatically delivers songs or talk radio files to users through a subscription […]

Frosh fears retaliation after Thurston drug bust

University Police officers seized a large quantity of marijuana last week in simultaneous raids of three Thurston Hall rooms. UPD conducted at least two of the searches based on information from a freshman who now fears retaliation from several people that were cited for drug possession. On Jan. 21, UPD officers searched the Thurston rooms […]