January 24, 2005

Volume 101, Issue 37

Stories from the January 24, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Ambassadors’ panel calls for UN reform

A panel of European and American ambassadors discussed the U.N. Security Council’s shortcomings Friday night at the Elliott School of International Affairs building. Former U.S. Ambassador George Moose headed a panel of five ambassadors, three Europeans and two Americans, in a discussion of the future challenges facing the UN. Among such challenges, the U.N. Security […]

Column: A social revival of fashion as politics

Sometimes there is nothing more fashionable than indifference. Whatever your feelings about the now-official “four more years,” it is fair to say that your best fashion bet for the future is the disaffected stare. Perfected by heiresses and heroin-chic supermodels alike, an apathetic air executed correctly will withstand the test of time that shoulder pads […]

Students volunteer for MLK Day

Despite an approaching winter storm, 200 GW volunteers set out to serve the community and celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Saturday morning. Students were assigned to six different service sites less than a week after Martin Luther King Day, and project coordinators stationed at each location guided small groups of students. We […]

Editorial: Bush the hypocrite

In preparation for his second term in office, President Bush laid out an aggressive foreign policy agenda in his inaugural speech. Impressing the full spectrum of political pundits and world leaders with his decisively liberal, internationalist and human rights driven rhetoric, Bush marked a course toward the “end of tyranny.” Somewhere in their rosy analysis, […]

University alters squatters’ housing policy

Rising seniors and Mount Vernon residents can choose to keep their housing assignments for another year, a change from last year when nearly all rising juniors and seniors could opt to stay in their dorms. Squatters’ rights, a policy established last year to encourage upperclassmen to continue utilizing campus housing, was available to rising juniors […]

Editorial: Fix the JEC

In the wake of last year’s scandal-ridden Student Association elections, newly elected President Omar Woodard joined this page in calling for substantial reform in the charter of the Joint Elections Commission – the body charged with overseeing SA elections. Citing an inability to comprise a new charter in time, Woodard asked the Senate to approve […]

Groups plan tsunami fundraisers

A coordinated effort is underway among the University and student groups to help raise money for the tsunami relief effort. Members of several student organizations came together Wednesday night to formulate a plan to raise money for victims of the tsunami. The Dec. 26 earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused a massive wave that killed […]

Column: Dumbing down the Iraq debate

The 2004 election season – all two years of it – required many sacrifices from all of us. Namely, our dignity comes to mind. However, aside from the humiliation of constructing campaign chants that rhyme the phrase “vacant Supreme Court seats,” the true loss of election season has been our honesty and our intellectualism. During […]

7-Eleven takes points again

Students can breathe a sigh of relief, as they can once again fill their mouths with Hot Pockets and Slurpees bought at the Mitchell Hall 7-Eleven with Colonial Cash. The popular store stopped accepting Colonial Cash 10 days ago but started taking points again Friday night. The move followed discussions between officials from GW, 7-Eleven, […]

Column: A second term to-do list

On Thursday, we celebrated a grand tradition in this country with George W. Bush’s second inauguration, as all the pomp and pageantry came together in an effort to send the president on his way to the next four years in office. More than 57 million of the people who voted in last November’s election hoped […]