December 6, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 33

Stories from the December 6, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Students to design coins for U.S. Mint

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Rebecca Armstrong, a senior majoring in illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University, received an email last year about a job opportunity for an unlikely employer: A U.S. government agency. “It’s so cool. I tell all the people in my classes that I’m contracted by the U.S. Mint,” Armstrong said in an interview. “I […]

White GW students more likely to graduate than blacks, Hispanics

Black and Hispanic GW students are less likely than whites to graduate in six years, according to Department of Education data. GW also had the largest gap between six-year graduation rates for white students and black and Hispanic students among D.C. colleges that reported complete statistics in 2002-03. Compared to the 77.5 percent of white […]

Editorial: Food disservice

Our View: The lack of late-night customers at J Street is not a reflection of student demand but rather their dissatisfaction with Aramark’s service. In another setback during its recently renewed contract with the University, Aramark announced a significant scaling back of the hours in its J Street venues. Asserting a lack of student demand […]

Aramark cuts J Street hours again

Most Marvin Center dining venues will be closing earlier next semester after Aramark made changes to its operating schedule for the second time in the last month. Shops currently staying open until midnight will be closing their doors at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. beginning in January, according to a spring 2005 schedule provided Friday […]

Column: Ending in political fury

There is an expression in Britain that political careers “end in tears.” Then along came a strong-willed woman by the name of Barbara Castle. Ms. Castle, a Socialist version of Margaret Thatcher, missed the opportunity to become the first female prime minister in British history when her own Labour party imploded underneath her, leaving Margaret […]

Students battle cancer along with rigors of college

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Shortly after John Kerry and John Edwards conceded the presidential election to George W. Bush on Nov. 3, the bad news for the Edwards family continued; Elizabeth Edwards, wife of the former Democratic vice presidential candidate, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After ignoring a lump in her breast during the heat of […]

Column: Reclaiming moral values

On the morning of Nov. 3, Democrats sat stunned. Everything seemed to be going their way. So what went wrong? Obviously, as Gary Livacari so eloquently put in yet another of his depressingly partisan columns, “character does matter.” Yes, character truly does matter. No wait, not character. What was that term I’m looking for? Oh […]

College students get first all-African album on iTunes

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Two college students are spreading holiday cheer all the way to Africa. Last week, the “Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project,” the first and only all-African music benefit album, was released for sale on the iTunes Web site. Wesleyan University students Eric Herman and Jesse Brenner originally conceived the project while working for Afro-Pop […]

Column: More timely than ever to end animal cruelty

Recent undercover investigations of chicken slaughter plants in West Virginia and Maryland, along with the expos? of the largest kosher slaughterhouse in America, have consistently documented egregious animal cruelty, showing that abuse is the norm, not the exception, in today’s agribusiness. The vast majority of animals raised for meat, eggs and milk are confined in […]