December 2, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 32

Stories from the December 2, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Editorial: Expand C-Cash

Earlier in the semester, this page called on University administrators to expand its innovative Colonial Cash program to the nearly 85 establishments on its waitlist. After signing a contract with Blackboard – which will be responsible for handling all Colonial Cash transactions – GW now has the ability to expand the program without the additional […]

In Stores & On Sale

Artist: Cake Album: Pressure Chief Label: Columbia Central to Cake’s genius is the fact that their brilliance lies in an understatement. The band had an ability to convey scenes and ideas using razor-sharp images set to a tune by lead singer John McCrea’s deadpan drawl. However, on their most recent study effort, that transparent lyrical […]

Column: Eliminating dissent at the State Dept.

There was little to celebrate after President Bush’s re-election. There was, however, a glimmer of hope that some of the most embarrassing members of his cabinet would leave – as is the regular practice in a re-elected administration. Many cheered uber-conservative Attorney General John Ashcroft’s quick resignation but were disappointed with Bush’s selection of White […]

Concert Previews

Brooklyn’s finest: Mos Def brings The New Danger to D.C. Wed. Dec. 8 9:30 Club Mos Def finally got off Broadway prosceniums and Hollywood soundstages long enough to grace the populace with another album. Excuse the bitterness, but it’s been five years since Black on Both Sides, the Universal Magnetic’s seminal debut. Fans have been […]

Letters to the Editor

Be ashamed I am not involved in George Washington University SA issues. However after reading “SA members spent at least $7,000 at upscale restaurants” (Nov. 22, p. 1), I feel I must contribute my opinion. The GW SA should be ashamed of itself. They can justify this expenditure however they chose, but in reality it […]

Theatre Review: “Two Gentlemen of Verona”

Two pairs of lovers. One confused man falls in love with a girl sworn to his best friend, forgetting his first lover and swearing allegiance to his new idol. Hormone-crazed youngsters chase each other around, winding up in a moonlit forest. “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” currently playing at the Folger Theatre, sounds sneakily familiar – […]

Column: The fuss over final exams

On Dec. 22, Georgetown University will not administer any final exams. Howard University shall have completed their last final nine days earlier on Dec. 13. Students at the University of Maryland, the Catholic University of America and George Mason University shall, at the latest, have finished their fall semester final exams on Dec. 18. GW […]

Court says colleges can bar military recruiters from campuses

Universities can bar military recruiters from campus without risking the loss of federal funds, according to a federal court that ruled in favor of a GW Law School-affiliated group Monday. Last year, the Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, an organization GW’s Law School joined in October 2003, sued the Defense Department because it requires […]

The Bar Belle: Martin’s Tavern

Martin’s Tavern 1264 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. For most people, Thanksgiving weekend consists of overeating poultry and conversing with strangers who happen to share fragments of your DNA. In the Bar Belle family, our DNA is genetically altered so that beer and football are essential holiday components. This was the first year I hosted Thanksgiving, and […]

Emergency center prepares city

In the event of a terrorist attack, the eighth floor of a nondescript building at 14th and U streets is the city’s coordination point. Through several of the building’s secured doors lies the Emergency Communication Center and the Emergency Operations Center. Renovated after Sept. 11 with $3.9 million in Homeland Security Department grant money, the […]