November 1, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 25

Stories from the November 1, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Bush and Kerry on the issues

Iraq Bush Kerry * Redeploy U.S. forces stationed abroad, utilizing existing soldiers more efficiently and lightening the burden on those currently in Iraq. * Maintain efforts to make Iraq a strong democratic presence in the Middle East through elections and training of Iraqi military and police forces. * Rebuild foreign alliances “shredded” by Bush administration, […]

Column: Bush, the only rational choice

Political affiliation is the defining factor of most students at GW. If that’s not obvious by now, you must not be paying attention; even the Facebook has a place to inform others of your intended vote. It is no surprise that with Election Day only a day away, who is voting for whom is perhaps […]

Hart is leader of Republican group accused of misleading elderly

Former Student Association President Kris Hart is a vice chairman of a national Republican group suspected of using misleading fundraising tactics on the elderly. Hart, who is running for a seat on the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, refused to comment on the allegations. An Oct. 28 Seattle Times article said the College Republican National Committee […]

Junior fights uphill battle in race for Texas House seat

This month, many students will be applying for internships for the spring semester. But if GW junior James “Jake” Gilbreath has his way, he might have some interns of his own come January. The odds are stacked against him. Gilbreath is running as a Democrat for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives in […]

Professors incorporate election into classes

For many students, following this year’s presidential election is a hobby. For others, it’s also homework. As John Kerry and George W. Bush face off in what expects to be one of the closest presidential elections in the country’s history, several professors are using the campaign to teach students some real-life lessons in American politics. […]

Unmasking the Electoral College

Most Americans are aware of the role of the Electoral College, a system established under the Constitution that relies on representatives to select the president. But what most Americans may not understand is exactly how the system works, or who these electors are. L. Kinvin Wroth, former dean of Vermont Law School, said the founders […]

D.C. far away from getting representation

When advocates successfully put the slogan “Taxation Without Representation” on District license plates in 2000, they viewed the move as a victory. But four years later, the city is still no closer to gaining a vote in Congress than it was in 1800. When D.C. was formed, it was established outside the jurisdiction of any […]

View from abroad: British students hope for a Bush defeat

OXFORD, England – As Election Day approaches, students across the Atlantic Ocean are hoping that Sen. John Kerry ousts President Bush from the White House. The Oxford Union, one of the oldest and foremost student debating societies in the world, overwhelmingly rejected a motion to re-elect Bush Thursday evening. Although the 176-year-old Union holds no […]

College Republicans try to put PA in Bush’s corner

Senior Ed Buckley carefully eyed his surroundings and talked to his fellow volunteers as they slowly walked through a Philadelphia suburb. “I’ve got a good feeling about these two,” Buckley said. “I’ve got a great feeling. Birch Street is going to be my street, gentlemen.” What sounded like planning for a military operation was actually […]