November 1, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 25

Stories from the November 1, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Editorial: John F. Kerry for President

This year’s election comes at a critical juncture in American history. On par with the historically significant elections of 1860 and 1932, this year’s race is set to determine not only how the United States confronts its present-day challenges, but also its position to do so in the future. After four years of a president […]

Bush wins second term

Posted Wednesday, Nov. 3, 3:20 p.m. Sen. John Kerry conceded the presidency to George W. Bush Wednesday afternoon after all-night speculation about Ohio’s electoral votes ended in a clear Bush victory in the state. Bush’s 274 electoral votes, including Ohio’s 20, put him over the 270-vote threshold needed to win the election. With Iowa and […]

Column: John Kerry, a liberal?

Is John Kerry liberal? While certain pundits would have you believe Kerry is a tree-hugging communist who condones burning the American flag, banning the Bible and enforcing mandatory unprotected gay sex in churches, the reality is that Kerry, like most Americans, stands for moderation. In all seriousness, the National Journal ranked Kerry as the most […]

Column: The lesser of two evils

Let’s face it America, no matter who you vote for this year, you’re voting for the wrong candidate. I’ll be the first to say both options on this year’s ballot aren’t good. As a result, any attempt to pick one or the other is going to leave you trying to discern which candidate is the […]

Column: Write in LaRouche

With all this rhetoric about Bush vs. Kerry floating around, most voters have neglected to fully appreciate the power of the write-in vote. Current D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, in his last election, was the write-in candidate as the incumbent and won. Even closer to home, Kris Hart, our former SA president, stands tomorrow as a […]

No matter who wins, election night will be a party at GW

Election night will be the closest GW will come to having a big football game-like atmosphere this fall. As the votes are being tallied Tuesday night, most students will be anxiously awaiting results in the Marvin Center or staying glued to a television at one of the many election-themed parties being held in apartments, clubs […]

GW students to vote overwhelmingly for Kerry, poll finds

Nearly three-fourths of undergraduate GW students will be casting their ballots for Sen. John Kerry on Election Day, according to a Hatchet poll taken during the past month. The survey, which polled 205 freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, found that 74 percent of students will vote for Kerry while 14 percent will cast their ballots […]

Bush and Kerry on the issues

Iraq Bush Kerry * Redeploy U.S. forces stationed abroad, utilizing existing soldiers more efficiently and lightening the burden on those currently in Iraq. * Maintain efforts to make Iraq a strong democratic presence in the Middle East through elections and training of Iraqi military and police forces. * Rebuild foreign alliances “shredded” by Bush administration, […]

Column: Bush, the only rational choice

Political affiliation is the defining factor of most students at GW. If that’s not obvious by now, you must not be paying attention; even the Facebook has a place to inform others of your intended vote. It is no surprise that with Election Day only a day away, who is voting for whom is perhaps […]

Hart is leader of Republican group accused of misleading elderly

Former Student Association President Kris Hart is a vice chairman of a national Republican group suspected of using misleading fundraising tactics on the elderly. Hart, who is running for a seat on the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, refused to comment on the allegations. An Oct. 28 Seattle Times article said the College Republican National Committee […]