October 25, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 23

Stories from the October 25, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: A Yankee fan’s sad diatribe

The rain was light but steady Wednesday night, feeling just a bit colder on Yankees fans than on everyone else. The clouds would clear in a few days, no doubt, but what rolled in that evening is sure to last a lot longer. For the Yankee faithful – the passionate, the knowledgeable and, yes, the […]


Monday Discussion about immigration issues in America 7 to 8 p.m. Marvin Center Room 302 Sponsored by Student Activities Center, Multicultural Student Services Center, Student Development Center and Community Living and Learning Center Town Hall Meeting Featuring a debate between the College Republicans and College Democrats and the Law Republicans and Law Democrats 5 p.m. […]

Sex column: “Was it good for you?”

Having recently returned from the land of lame shags, I began to pay close attention to my body and the sensations that run through it. I know when I’m hungry because my stomach growls. I know when I’m tired because my eyes droop. And I know when sex is bad because I feel nothing at […]

GW Briefs

GW department analyzes satirical political videos GW’s Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet released a report last week discussing the impact of independently produced political videos. The report, “Under the Radar and Over the Top: Independently-Produced Political Videos in the 2004 Presidential Election,” found the videos to be increasing the partisan gap. Popular videos […]

Greek-Chic: The business of membership fashion

The GW campus is a veritable playground for fashion conformists. Whether it’s something as small as a yellow “Livestrong” bracelet, something as loud as a “Four More Years!” T-shirt, or something as carefully put together as disheveled hair underneath a trucker hat, GW students dress to make a statement. Using H Street as their catwalk, […]


The article “SJT lauds frosh spirit at late night” (Oct. 21, p. 3) misidentified Mitchell Hall’s colors. They are purple and yellow. The articles “Feds: Ex-professor embezzled $600,000” (Oct. 14, p.1) and “Professors fear research backlash” (Oct. 18, p. 1) incorrectly stated that former professor Nabih Bedewi is accused of laundering money to his brother’s […]

Editorial: Prevention steps

The Georgetown University community is still reeling from a devastating townhouse fire that claimed the life of one of its students. In response to the tragedy, Georgetown and city officials embarked on an aggressive campaign to ensure townhouses inhabited by students are in compliance with fire codes. While, fortunately, such an incident has yet to […]

Column: SJS: ‘Scab’ Judicial Services

The people making disciplinary decisions on campus are students wearing white gloves and flowing robes. You would be proud to see one of your peers dressed so prominently; I know I am proud just thinking about it. But I am much more embarrassed than proud knowing that these students are not dressed up for Halloween […]

Column: A win over New York was sweet but there is still a long way to go

When a lone Yankee fan sporting an Alex Rodriguez jersey slumped through the H Street crowd Wednesday night, I smiled. “Now he knows how it feels,” I chuckled to myself as this newly masochistic New Yorker paced back and forth, audibly questioning the collective sexuality of the crowd. The transplanted Bostonians paid no attention to […]