October 18, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 21

Stories from the October 18, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: Bring democracy to GW

Now that freedom is on the march throughout the Arab world, we can finally focus our attention on tyranny here at GW. We should thank President Bush for fighting for freedom, but would it be too much to ask for his help supporting a group of students next door to the White House? I know […]

Editorial: A worthwhile confrontation

Our View: Jon Stewart’s critique of “Crossfire” at GW is an important step in realizing how far the quality of broadcast news journalism has deteriorated. GW students and parents were welcomed to Colonials Weekend by an October surprise of sorts. Replacing the usual partisan bickering on CNN’s “Crossfire” for the day, the program welcomed “The […]

Column: Student voice needed

I am writing to highlight an issue that is not only neglected but also crucial to all students and the basic ideals of student rights and representation. Student representation on the University Board of Trustees is an absolute imperative if we, as students, are to have any reasonable say in the way the University is […]

Column: Libyan relations not worth it

Money, it would seem, heals all wounds faster than time does. The ongoing rift between the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Libya) and the United States has, according to some sources, been a problem since the days when Libyans were colonial subjects of the Ottomans. Contemporary Libya under Colonel Muammar al Qadhafi, a dictator in […]

Stadium location upsets gay groups

Activists and business owners are protesting the construction of a baseball stadium in the heart of the city’s gay entertainment district, arguing it would damage an important part of their community. The project would affect existing gay strip bars, dance clubs, adult theaters and bookstores along O and Half streets in Southeast D.C. “I think […]

Editorial: Board should open doors to students

Three times a year, the GW Board of Trustees meets to set University policy on issues ranging from academics to student life. While incredibly relevant to students, the 35-member panel has no voting student representation. To compound matters, only two students – the Student Association president and a representative from The Hatchet – are permitted […]

Nation in brief

Drinking deaths plague colleges nationwide (U-WIRE) BOULDER, Colo. – The 2004-05 school year for college students may turn out to be unprecedented, but not in a way anyone would ever hope for. Since the first weekend in September, at least six students across the nation have drunk themselves to death, just three less than the […]

University introduces new study-away program

A handful of students from across the country will come to GW next semester to study through the University’s new study-away program, GW Spring Term. The program, created earlier this year, invites undergraduate juniors at regionally accredited universities to spend their spring semester in Washington. Students will be able to study in one of three […]

Indecent Exposure at GW

Ilana Goren was not surprised when, while walking down K Street on a recent evening, she came across a young man holding his penis with his right hand and waving congenially with his left. “I said hello and just walked on by,” the senior said. At the time, Goren said she did not see a […]

Column: The mourning after: Surviving a lame shag

In every romantic relationship there are always the expectations of firsts. The first kiss, the first hand held in public and, of course, the first time you have sex. Within these expectations you develop scenarios about how these instances will play out. Will he kiss me first? Will she make the first move? And so […]