September 30, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 16

Stories from the September 30, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

“Coexistence” on the Mall

“We live in terror because persuasion is no longer possible; because man has been wholly submerged in history; because he can no longer tap that part of his nature, because we live in a world of abstractions, of bureaus and machines, of absolute ideas and crude messianisim. We suffocate among people who think they are […]

Letters to the Editor

Bad experiences We started talking in my Youth and Delinquency class about the latest suicide, and no one in the class knew where the University Counseling Center was, or even what the phone number was. I got the idea to volunteer my time at the counseling center if I could, so I went online to […]

First round of presidential debates hits on Iraq War, safety abroad

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON — Ending the war in Iraq and protecting American soil were at the forefront of the first presidential debate, held Thursday at the University of Miami. With a tone of conviction, President George W. Bush questioned Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John F. Kerry’s ability to lead America’s troops in Iraq. “What message is […]

The Printmakers Gallery: a Silent Journey

If you meander down Connecticut Avenue past the cultural restaurants and weekend open-air markets, you will encounter a small and remote art gallery that hosts an array of new and creative pieces of art from around the country. The Washington Printmakers Gallery, a sophisticatedly humble museum of sorts, has recently been graced by Christine Giammichele’s […]

Administration considers online wait list system

Administrators are working to establish a wait list for class registration, but technicalities may hinder the possibility of its implementation in the near future. GW officials would like to create a system in which students could place their names on list when a class is full; the first names on the list would be automatically […]

“The Motorcycle Diaries” rolls into theaters

Most movies, certainly most bio-pics, begin at the beginning, end with the ending and treat everything that comes in between like rungs on a ladder. “The Motorcycle Diaries” counts every step along with way and ends long before its subject, Che Guevara, enters history. This is a middle tale, and for better or for worse, […]

Column: A new Greek tragedy

While incapable of creating a less repugnant title for this column, I wished for one moment that I possessed the rhetorical prowess of the University’s PR department. While towing the often dastardly line as the administration’s mouthpiece, its finest hour came while glossing over the imminent demise of the Greek-letter community initiated under the guise […]

Column: What they should say

Tonight is another opportunity to go out and get an early jump on the weekend. But this Thursday is different than most other Thursdays. As you probably know living on this politically charged campus, tonight is the first presidential debate. I will no doubt be watching. I have a feeling though, I’ll be at least […]

Lone AU goal soaks Colonials

The GW women’s soccer team’s offense was as non-existent as sunshine in the District Tuesday afternoon. As the remnant rains from Hurricane Jeanne fell on the Mount Vernon Athletic Complex, American shut out the Colonials 1-0. Head coach Tanya Vogel said she is not discouraged by the loss, but instead sees the season as a […]

Who are the “Yes Men?”

Subversion isn’t an easy thing these days. In the Abbie Hoffman heyday of late-1960s protest, the Man and his minions didn’t have the instant communication infrastructure that emerged with the Internet. The counterculture was able to move with a degree of freedom unthinkable in today’s wired world. Now, when protest organizations list information on their […]