September 27, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 15

Stories from the September 27, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Editorial: Register in D.C.

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission is reputed for its decisions negatively affecting student life at GW. Most recently, the ANC has opposed an extension of hours at the Health and Wellness Center and advocated the revocation of McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon’s liquor license. While many students lament adversarial decisions made by the ANC and other neighborhood […]

CBS controversy discussed in classrooms

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Journalism schools across the country are using real media issues like the CBS/Bush memos controversy as teaching tools. On the Sept. 8th edition of 60 Minutes, anchor, Dan Rather presented documents that raised more questions about President Bush’s Air National Guard service. The memos were allegedly signed by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, […]

Students give Napster mixed reviews

Ashley Liebre looked confused as she sat in front of her computer last week. The GW junior was attempting to download the University’s free, legal file-sharing program – Napster. Nearly 2,000 students have downloaded GW’s free version since its Sept. 1 introduction, and Liebre decided to download it last week after having problems with other […]

Column: Serve students

Throughout my entire college career I have served the Student Association and the greater student body by spending countless hours in meetings, planning initiatives, attending events and conducting a list of other activities so long I can’t even begin to list them. I believed in the SA – I knew it was not perfect, and […]

Debate may highlight Middle East issues

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – The foreign policy focus of the upcoming presidential debate this Thursday has brought back to light an issue that has been on the backburner for some time now; the problem of the Middle East. The war in Iraq has more or less monopolized America’s foreign news over the past year, while unrest […]

Bracelet popularity raises cancer awareness

It’s a confirmed case of yellow fever. And everyone – including athletes, celebrities, politicians and students – has it. “It,” of course, being champion cyclist Lance Armstrong’s bold, bright yellow LiveStrong wristband, whose sudden popularity and ubiquity is undeniable. With the help of Nike and its high-profile spokesman, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has sold nearly […]

The British invasion

So a girl walks into a bar with a sudden sense of wonderment. It could have been the crisp fall air or the tall blonde gentleman on her arm, but she knew the evening held infinite possibilities. She ascended into the night wondering if there would be one, just one, who might make her glow. […]

Big Tobacco on trial

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Despite a U.S. government law suit against cigarette makers, college students say they are unlikely to curb their smoking habits. After awaiting trial for five years, the Department of Justice brought its case against tobacco companies to court on Sept. 21 for dangerous advertising practices and hiding smoking hazards from the public. […]

The Mighty Mabel vs. the Power Tower: Has Mabel grown up?

The entrance to Ivory Tower buzzed on Saturday evening as students made their way in and out of GW’s newest residence hall. They shuffled through the front lobby carrying bags of groceries and 24-packs of beer. A UPD officer sat in the back of the lobby with a direct view of the door and three […]

DC Dance Fest kicks off Friday

Hip-hop is Zachary Lattimore’s passion. He loves how dancing allows him to forget about whatever is going on in his life and let his emotions take over. “When you dance you can express your feelings,” he said. His love for dance has led him to perform around the world – from San Diego to Switzerland […]