September 9, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 10

Stories from the September 9, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Kennedy Center Freebies!

This weekend you can switch up your normal routine by attending Washington D.C.’s premier performing arts venue at the best possible price: free. All it takes is a love for something different and the motivation to march down to The Kennedy Center for an afternoon. In honor of its 33rd year as the nation’s most […]

Fall flat 2004

If attendance, rather than intensity, is the measure of a great concert, then Fall Fest 2004 was an unqualified success. Despite being held two weeks earlier in the semester than in the past, this year’s Fall Fest broke the event’s attendance record with nearly 4,500 people on hand. Unfortunately, the music, which was meant to […]

Dancing in the Moonlight

It’s sad but true – some people are simply not blessed with the ability to dance well. Like Elaine from “Seinfeld,” they struggle to master even the simplest of moves, drifting awkwardly to the beat and causing others to look on with amusement or shock. But the rhythmically challenged should not give up hope just […]

Mo Money, Mo Rocca

On stage and hopping around on one foot, Mo Rocca mulls an audience question with increasing anxiety. An audience member has asked him to make up a funny bogus life story on the spot. “I feel the need to satisfy you,” he said. “And yet I find your request very strange.” It wasn’t the first […]

Tempting fate with Macbeth

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more.” -Macbeth The Shakespeare Theatre’s season opener is a dark, ominous and potentially unlucky play. Referred to as “The Scottish Play” by those in the ever-superstitious theatre industry, Macbeth is known to bring […]

Arts on campus

Caffeinated Rock What happens when you fuse caffeinated beverages with live music in a chill and comfortable atmosphere exclusive to the GW community? To find out, the Mount Vernon Programming Council will host its fourth annual Mount Vernon Coffee House Music Series this Friday night. Scheduled to perform is the band VIV, which just released […]

Silly People, Silly Movie

In an early key scene from “Bright Young Things” (Revolution Films), the impoverished and indebted Adam Fenwick-Symes, on the wisdom of a shady horse-racing tip, casually hands over nearly all his money to an intoxicated stranger. This act of unforgivable stupidity caused me to stop caring about Adam. I didn’t care if he ended up […]

Catching up with Al Hall, GW’s real big man

He smiles as he stands up to greet you-all six-foot-five-inches and 270 pounds of him. After shaking his hand, it’s easy to notice how his frame dominates the office, but not in an intimidating way. By his sheer size, it’s hard to imagine he was the smallest child in his family. And by judging from […]

One Helluva Long Day

What do the following have in common: A necrophiliac, the Consortium of Underwhelming Gentlepersons, a kidnapped Guatemalan baby, the Christ, the Antichrist, Michael Phelps and endless, deviant, filthy Thurston jokes? All were topics of Generic Theatre Company’s annual 24 Hour Play. The Saturday night show, which ran for two hours in addition to the 24 […]

Editorial: In need of action

Today, GW students grieve the loss of yet another member of the campus community. Even though the cause of death has yet to be confirmed, the possibility that this tragedy marks another student suicide highlights the paramount need of the Walker commission – charged with evaluating University response to student deaths – to release its […]