September 7, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 9

Stories from the September 7, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Dean’s scholars to travel to Chile

A new Living and Learning Community will send ten freshmen to Chile to learn first-hand about the effects of globalization. The program, Dean’s Scholars in Globalization, houses the ten freshmen on the Mount Vernon campus. While living together, the students work with advisors to create a unique globalization minor and complete a collaborative research project […]

JCFS awards badly advertised

Student Association members responsible for doling out thousands of dollars in scholarships last semester gave most of the money to their colleagues. In April, the Joint Committee of Faculty and Students, comprised of SA officials and professors, awarded $1,000 scholarships to seven students, five of whom are involved in student government. While no one has […]


An article on page 3 of The Hatchet’s Sept. 3 issue mistakenly credited Student and Academic Support Services with introducing an e-mail spam filter. Information Services and Systems developed the filter.

Breaking News: Student dies after falling from eighth floor of Elise

Updated Wednesday, Sept. 8, 10:30 p.m. Sophomore Susan Shin died Wednesday afternoon after falling from the eighth floor of the Elise Apartments building. A computer science major, Shin, 19, of Ashland, Ohio, was an active member of the Engineers’ Council and the Association for Computer Machinery. Officials at the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office said they […]

Editorial: A joint failure

Last year, the Joint Committee of Faculty and Students, comprised of SA officials and professors, set out to reward student leaders with seven $1,000 scholarships. Unfortunately, due to poor advertising and general committee apathy, five out of seven of these awards were distributed to well-known SA functionaries. And while the accomplishments of each of these […]

Hungover: Students and experts discuss hangover remedies

Aspirin and a bottle of water. Throwing back one last shot immediately upon waking up. Gatorade. A cold shower. Bread. Lots and lots of bread. What’s your solution for the common hangover? For better or worse, alcohol has become integrated into the culture of college students. According a Harvard University study conducted in 2001, nearly […]

Column: America’s University

You may love America. You may also love this University. Although I love both, GW can be as dysfunctional as the U.S. government. Like America, we are so aware of what makes us superior and exclusive that some of the most basic needs of our community are left out to dry. Tremendous expenditures on administrative […]

Column: For security reasons

I’m at Dulles International going through a metal detector, which is invariably set to read “CODE RED” at anything from loose dimes to dentures. BEEP. “Sir, please empty your pockets.” BEEP. “Sir, please take off your shoes.” BEEP. “Sir, please take off your belt.” BEEP BEEP BEEP. As I am about to strip down and […]

Column: Kerry doesn’t get it

John Kerry still doesn’t get it. After enduring a miserable, month-long meltdown at the hands of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Mr. Kerry answered President George W. Bush’s powerful, unforgettable address at the Republican Convention by – yet again – brazenly brandishing his Vietnam heroics. I know, what else is new? Kerry is growing […]

Letters to the Editor

Involuntary gift The University should discontinue the nefarious practice of forcing students to ‘opt-out’ of the “voluntary” library gift. The current ‘opt-out’ procedure places yet another administrative burden on students, particularly those who pay their tuition directly with student loans and are forced to telephone the University in order to remove the gift. Forcing students […]