September 1, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 7

Stories from the September 1, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: From apathy to action

I have been speaking with numerous students and administrators about the direction of the Student Association this year. Everyone I speak with is excited about our vision, and together, we are excited about turning student apathy into real action with tangible results at GW. The Student Association has been working hard all summer developing and […]

D.C. councilman threatens Virginia baseball group

D.C. councilman threatens Virginia baseball group If Major League Baseball awards Northern Virginia the soon-to-move Montreal Expos instead of Washington, the team may not be able to use RFK Stadium as a temporary home as originally planned. At a news conference Saturday at the Wilson building downtown, city Councilman Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) said the […]

Column: A paper by and for students

There are a little over 20 of us here in the Hatchet editorial office, editors and designers working in a cramped space on the top floor of a two-story townhouse. Add dozens of writers and photographers who contribute to these pages each year, and you have a pretty interesting mix of people. And yet still, […]

Letters to the editor

A bit far I read Zej Moczydlowski’s article (“A ‘breeder’s’ tale,” Aug. 25, p. 4) with quite a bit of amusement. I realize discrimination and bigotry are not necessarily laughing matters. However, to suggest being called a “breeder” is the same as gay bashing is taking things a bit far. Yes, both are equally evil […]

Column: Not out of touch

The Republican National Committee came prepared that July day when John Kerry announced John Edwards as his running mate. Only minutes after the announcement, talking points from the RNC and Bush-Cheney ’04 spewed forth on cable news channels from Republican spinners. Topping the bullet points from the right was the absurd declaration that the Kerry-Edwards […]

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot.

As two serious-minded athletes step onto a dimly lit stage, the crowd erupts with cheers. The two men – one draped with an American flag, the other more conservatively clad – make their steady approach toward one another, as “Eye of the Tiger” permeates through the smoke-saturated room. The referee signals the start of their […]

Madden 2005: Another must-have

Every year, sports video game fans anticipate its release. Electronic Arts Sports’ hard-hitting Madden football series is back for its fifteenth year and is once again better than last year’s version. Madden improves its flaws and adds new features to enhance game play and realism. The biggest improvement to Madden 2005 is in the franchise […]

Less is no longer more

Ladies and gentlemen, the census is in: girls, put some clothes on, and boys, put your collars back down. The sultry D.C. summer is winding down, and fall fashion is bringing more conservative looks into the stores. “Brown is definitely the color for the season,” said Derreck Dunning, assistant manager of the Dupont Circle Sisley […]

Wireless net access provided

If you’re used to lounging on your bed at home while surfing the Internet with a wireless connection, you may find yourself frustrated at GW, where wireless access is confined to specific hot spots on campus. The University currently prohibits students from setting up wireless access points for personal use, but legal alternatives exist to […]

Column: Great expectations, not hard times for mens basketball

If the upcoming 2004 GW men’s basketball season was a Dickens’ novel, it would be “Great Expectations,” not “Hard Times.” Wait, what did I just say? I think I just blacked out like Will Ferrell’s debate scene in “Old School.” But seriously, people are expecting big things from the Colonials this year.’s Andy Katz […]