June 20, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 4

Stories from the June 20, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Debunking GW’s Myths, rumors and urban legans

The mind has an interesting way of inventing colorful interpretations of stories we hear from someone else. We listen intently to every bit of hearsay, revise it to our liking and then pass along a new version of the original story. Rumors, legends and myths are phenomena that have been sweeping high schools for generations. […]

Year in Review

There is seldom a quiet moment at GW, a school that prides itself on the phrase “Something happens here.” These “somethings,” as current students can attest to and incoming freshman will soon realize, range in nature from the absurd to the extraordinary to the tragic. This past academic year was a harrowing one in which […]

University readies for huge freshman class

With GW set to welcome one of the largest freshman classes in its history, University officials said they are ready to deal with an unexpectedly larger student population. Officials are estimating that the incoming freshman class will have 2,550 to 2,600 students, marking the only time other than 2001 that entering freshmen numbered more than […]

SA President pushes reforms

Senior Omar Woodard said he hopes to reform the class wait list system, begin a residence hall renewal project and develop an online syllabi file during his one-year term as Student Association president. A past president of the Black Student Union, former Colonial Inauguration leader and SA senator, Woodard, a Philadelphia native, began his term […]

Editorial: Large frosh class may have negative impact

For the second time in five years GW will be welcoming a larger freshman class than anticipated. In 2001 – the first time GW admitted an unexpected number of freshmen – the University experienced an acute housing shortage precipitating the emergency lease of the Pennsylvania House. While University officials do not anticipate a similar large-scale […]

Students work on national campaigns

As both major political parties gear up for the presidential election, GW will undoubtedly be a political hotspot this fall. But just because students are in the middle of D.C. during a highly charged election does not mean they will simply sit back and enjoy the show. Many GW students have been getting actively involved […]

Still “Trachtey” after all these years: An interview with President Trachtenberg

University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has always inspired strong feelings since coming to Foggy Bottom in 1988. Some view the Brooklyn native as a visionary who transformed GW from a third-rate institution to an academic and economic juggernaut through the construction of state-of-the-art facilities. Others see him as a land-grabbing modern-day Uncle Scrooge who has […]

Revvin’ Up for Registration

Tension runs high on registration day at each of the five Colonial Inauguration sessions, where newly minted freshmen frantically punch keys and repeat course registration numbers in their heads in an effort to secure their ideal first semester schedules. Paul Duff, interim associate dean of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, helps train the […]

Freshman pay fixed tuition for first time

Four years of challenging classes, endless opportunities and great times are what students preparing to come to college usually think of. Parents, on the other hand, have one other thing in mind: “How much will it cost?” GW has sought to give parents some peace of mind by adopting a fixed tuition payment plan. The […]

GW Dictionary: A langage guide for the uninitiated

When freshmen begin class in September, they will encounter a barrage of acronyms, nicknames and new words that refer to establishments and services in GW and the District. It may take new students weeks or even months to acclimate to the vernacular they will use during their years at GW. In anticipation that freshmen will […]