June 20, 2004

Volume 101, Issue 4

Stories from the June 20, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Getting to know the GW arts community

Whether you’re an on-stage star or just an avid spectator, the campus arts scene may have exactly what you’re looking for. From classical to cultural, poetic to pop, here is the low-down on some of GW’s largest arts-related student organizations. 14th Grade Players Averaging about three shows a semester, this theatrical company is geared toward […]

Counseling Center steps up efforts following deaths

Freshmen should not be surprised to see heavy promotion of the University Counseling Center during Colonial Inauguration. After five students died last year -two by suicide – GW is stepping up its efforts to raise mental health awareness on campus. “Students will say, ‘That’s not me, it won’t happen to me,’ but they need to […]

Column: Too expensive to waste

Before returning to D.C. for the summer, I rediscovered my high school yearbook while cleaning my room. Perusing various signatures, my history teacher and mentor etched a credo that particularly stuck in my head. He wrote, “Will – four years tuition is too much money to waste on beer and anonymity.” Over your four years […]

Column: A letter to the class of 2008

2008 seems a long time away. Believe me the years will fly past faster than you can imagine. Nevertheless, these four years are prime time to make something positive happen. This may sound selfish, but these four years are all about you. Who you are now, college will challenge and change. These are the years […]

Column: Tuition is poorly allocated

fter not even a full year at GW I am repeatedly astounded at how poorly tuition money seems to be allocated. The ineffective GW bureaucracy seems to be disgracefully efficient at mishandling funds and leaving student interests at the far end of their list of priorities. So personally, I’m not surprised to once again see […]

Best of GW

*** You are about to read a completely unscientific, biased survey of the very best that GW and D.C. have to offer. Some topics are serious while others just aren’t, but we promise you that all answers are completely unsupported by sound statistical evidence. In fact, answers were compiled by The Hatchet staff with some […]

The Morning After: CI Hookups, Do it or screw it?

Chick: No matter how cute he says you are or how many times he tells you that you’re “different” from other girls, he’s lying. This is called getting duped. Welcome to college, babe. But before you give up all hope on the male gender, think of the relationship between college men and women as symbiotic. […]

Debunking GW’s Myths, rumors and urban legans

The mind has an interesting way of inventing colorful interpretations of stories we hear from someone else. We listen intently to every bit of hearsay, revise it to our liking and then pass along a new version of the original story. Rumors, legends and myths are phenomena that have been sweeping high schools for generations. […]

Year in Review

There is seldom a quiet moment at GW, a school that prides itself on the phrase “Something happens here.” These “somethings,” as current students can attest to and incoming freshman will soon realize, range in nature from the absurd to the extraordinary to the tragic. This past academic year was a harrowing one in which […]