April 29, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 64

Stories from the April 29, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Love, pain and a little cocaine

With surprising fleetness and depth, a budding student-run theater company has moored itself into the histrionic GW community. Having already produced works by such estimable talents as George C. Wolfe (“Colored Museum”) and Tony Kushner (“Angels in America”), Majority Theatre Productions emphasizes the voices of minorities. Now running through April 30, the acting troupe has […]

Colored by numbers, the patterns of love

If, as the songs say, the scent of love is in the air, then the England studio at the Washington Ballet has been converted into a veritable perfumery. The fragrance of ardor comes in a variety of bouquets, among them the tang of infatuation, the musk of lust and the lingering trace of intoxicating, Dionysian […]

Departing Seniors: Seriously out of here

Some people say they would rather create the news than report on it. Others are happy to observe events around them and write. I like to think that both are equally important; if we didn’t have the “newsmakers” there would be nothing to report on, but if there were no media organizations, people wouldn’t be […]

Young Rodrigo Noya shines in the engaging ‘Valentin’

Alejandro Agresti, director and screenwriter of ‘Valentin’ (Miramax), has chosen some big shoes for his very small title character to fill. Seen through the eight-year-old, slightly-crossed eyes of Valentin (Rodrigo Noya), a precocious boy growing up in 1960s Argentina, Agresti’s film is a touching tribute to innocence and honesty that emulates the highly acclaimed foreign […]

Teach For America member shares story

Posted 11:44pm May 9 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief “There are times when you feel that the class is in charge of you and you just want to run, other days you sit back and say, ‘Wow, I did something great’,” says Casey Fullerton, a fourth grade teacher at Simon Elementary School in […]

Departing Seniors: Thirty inches of Snow

A few things need to be cleared up before I say goodbye. My time at GW should be over in less than three weeks, but it is not. I am not graduating, but I will in eight semesters because I took a semester off, so it is technically on time, just Snow time. So this […]

One ‘Baadassssss!’

Taken on its own, “Baadassssss!” (Sony Pictures Classics) has severely limited appeal. It’s not that the film is artsy or inaccessible or requires deep background information beforehand; actually, the opposite is true. The film’s long, muddled narrative, a blow-by-blow account of the making of “Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassssss! Song,” lacks focus and loses its audience halfway […]

More than 2,100 prospective students on wait list

About 2,100 prospective students remain on a waiting list to come to GW in the fall, said Kathryn Napper, director of Undergraduate Admissions. Last year, the waiting list consisted of 700 students. The last of the regular decision applicants were notified earlier this month about whether they can come to GW next semester. Prospective students […]

Lohan finds plastic

Every high school has them. They are overly Mystic-tanned in the dead of winter and wear tight clothes that expose their thongs and excess skin. They have superiority complexes. They are the A-list chick clique, high school royalty. In “Mean Girls,” the new teen comedy from Paramount, they’re known as “the Plastics.” When Cady Heron […]

Vote rally marked by low turnout

A small crowd turned out for a GW Votes rally on Kogan Plaza Wednesday evening that registered only four students to vote. Launched in November 2003, GW Votes is a University initiative seeking to register 100 percent of students for the November election. Approximately 85 percent of students are registered, according to student body surveys. […]