April 8, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 58

Stories from the April 8, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Students raise rape awareness

Students displayed anti-violence T-shirts and rallied against sexual assault Monday at the second annual spring Take Back the Night demonstration. The day-long event was part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, during which organizations across the country try to educate people about violence. At GW, students distributed literature before holding a night-time rally and march through […]

New robot aids doctors

The GW Hospital is using a new instrument to assist doctors with complex surgeries. The da Vinci Surgical System is a large spider-like contraption consisting of maneuverable arms that allows surgeons to more accurately perform gynecological, heart and prostate surgery through the operation of hand and foot controls. The machine, which was aquired in the […]

Recording industry sues three students for file sharing

Lawyers representing the recording industry served the University with a subpoena Monday asking officials to identify three students being sued for distributing music on file-sharing networks. The Recording Industry Association of America sued the students by looking at their computers’ Internet Protocol addresses, which can be used to identify a computer and its owner. The […]

Business school looks to future

Business students can look forward to more study abroad and exchange options and a greater level of interaction with Washington institutions, as the School of Business starts implementing its new strategic plan. The plan outlines measures to increase school prestige and enable students to receive a more comprehensive education. “I think it’s been a big, […]

Editorial: Execute the external audit

After initially supporting an external audit of the Student Association accounting books, the University has pulled its support from such a move. Arguing the accounting errors – including numerous inaccuracies, with an allocation to the Residence Hall Association and mysterious allocations in the tens of thousands of dollars – came as a result of human […]

Virus disrupts e-mail service

A virus has slowed GW e-mail service and infected more than 100 students and staff computers since Tuesday, officials said. GW Internet security officials have neutralized about 117,000 e-mails containing the SkyNet.T virus, but could not prevent the infection of at least 111 computers, said Krizi Trivisani, director of Systems Security Operations. She said the […]

Column: A cheesehead for VP

The race for the White House came to GW’s doorstep when Howard Dean endorsed Democratic nominee John Kerry on Kogan Plaza two weeks ago. Combine this fanfare with how little school there is left, and I couldn’t help but look forward to summer and the party conventions, especially the Democrats’. A big question Kerry has […]

Editorial: Give students a voice

The School of Media and Public Affairs recently released its report outlining recommendations to amend its curriculum. Perhaps the highest profile change is the phasing out of the Electronic Media major. And while this page generally agrees that the major needs to be revised, the administration should elicit student feedback to ensure the positive aspects […]

GW alters class schedule, introduces more Friday classes

When students began registering for classes Tuesday, they were greeted with a re-worked time schedule and more Friday classes. Large-scale renovations paired with a significant increase in enrollment have forced University officials to create a new schedule of classes to accommodate students. Undergraduate enrollment has increased 46 percent, or by 3,000 students, in the past […]

Column: A lost art

One upon a time there was an activity through which intellectuals would attempt to expand their minds. They would gather together and bring with them their independent thoughts. Many times these thoughts could not logically coincide with the ideas of the other parties present. These great thinkers would try to show the reasoning behind their […]