April 5, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 57

Stories from the April 5, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

GW alum sees MLB ownership dream fading

As the Major League Baseball season began one year ago, the Montreal Expos were said to be starting their final season before relocation. The three primary areas looking to acquire the Expos – the District, Northern Virginia and Portland, Ore. – all thought a decision would be made by the All-Star break. It wasn’t. Now […]

The Morning After: Pillow Talk

Chick: Putting on your “O” face and letting out a few moans or screams is one thing, but pillow talk is pretty creepy when done in a tasteless and tactless manner. The point of it is to get your partner thinking of all the kinky and wonderfully lude acts you can engage in bed, on […]

Restaurant Review: Italian favorites succeed

If you think the true measure of an Italian chef is by his pasta, you are simply wrong. Good pasta is essential and bad pasta can ruin your meal, but can it really distinguish a chef from the rest of the pack? No. So what is the culinary hurdle that these cuoci Italiani must soar […]

From the left: Kerry’s job is to win

Forum: John Kerry speaks on campus For all of us who follow politics with either a religious or sexual devotion – for me it’s both – two Thursdays ago was the perfect day. Last week the word went out across D.C. that the next President of the United States was coming to GW. About damn […]

Editorial: Change tactics

Progressive campus forces stepped up efforts last week to improve workers’ rights on campus. Attempting to persuade University administrators to accede to their demands – such as instituting a living wage, allying with the Worker Rights Consortium and improving access to healthcare – 11 students were arrested by Metropolitan Police while assembling a tent city […]

Letters to the Editor

Immaturity It was truly sad to read your April Fools’ Day edition of The Hatchet and you all should be embarrassed. While some may have found it offensive, I simply found it moronic and juvenile. There was not a single line of wit in the entire edition – even though so much about GW is […]

Column: Workers rights are human rights

Last Monday, students rallied in front of Rice Hall. These individuals urged GW to affiliate with the Worker Rights Consortium – an organization aligned to prevent the use of sweatshop labor when making college apparel – and to adopt a workers’ rights code of conduct ensuring a living wage, affordable healthcare and the right to […]

From the right: Shedding his moderate side

Forum: John Kerry speaks on campus Its official: John F. Kerry is an unabashed liberal. Of course, we conservatives knew it all along. During the anti-Bush, leftist love fest, led by the still enraged – and deranged – Howard Dean, Sen. Kerry finally shed his “centrist,” “anti-Dean” fa?ade and proudly revealed himself as the radical, […]

GW in brief

GW to partner with Virginia Tech GW’s College of Professional Studies announced March 26 a partnership with Virginia Tech that will focus on offering the first Master of Landscape Architecture in the D.C. area. Upon application, students will be simultaneously admitted to Virginia Tech and GW. The program will give current GW students the opportunity […]