February 26, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 47

Stories from the February 26, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet.

More than ‘Stacy’s Mom’

As Fountains of Wayne breezed through a set of brilliant pop tunes for a sold-out crowd at the 9:30 Club Sunday night, a group of giggly high school girls stood near the stage, decked out in new FOW shirts. Before the show, they excitedly took pictures of each other, and once the band started playing, […]

Eye of the beholder

Entering the Hirshhorn Museum’s Douglas Gordon exhibition is tantamount to making one’s way through a carnival funhouse. Scattered amongst ghastly images and film are notices throughout the galleries that urge viewers to tread carefully, and be wary that “this exhibit contains mirrors and extreme darkness.” Gordon fills the Hirshhorn with photo and video installations that […]

Law student drowning ruled accidental

District officials said Tuesday that they ruled the death of GW law student Chris Bartok an accidental drowning, more than two month after his body was found in the Potomac River. A jogger discovered Bartok’s body Dec. 19 in the river, just south of Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge. “There was no evidence that somebody pushed […]

West meets East

Sometimes the name of the band just makes you want to listen. On its search for success, the Red West fits into this category perfectly. The band members’ dream of hitting it big began at a small liberal arts school in Biola, Cali., where two roommates decided they wanted to make music. The roommates were […]

A quick look at… “Twisted”

In “Twisted,” Ashley Judd stars as Jessica Shepard, a newly-promoted homicide investigator with a keen eye for detail and a fondness for red wine and strangers she meets in bars. She and her new partner, Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia), are assigned to a serial killer case in which all of the victims are men with […]

GW considers testing water for lead

GW officials said there are no indications of lead contamination in the University’s residence halls but have yet to test on-campus drinking water as the District struggles to address a widespread contamination. Bob Ludwig, the University’s interim director of Media Relations, said officials are considering testing the water in University buildings and will make a […]

Editorial: Unsafe water

Despite the fact that the District of Columbia has been aware of potential lead contamination for about a month, the University has done little to alert students to a potential threat. Given the danger that lead exposure poses to students’ health, it is perplexing that the University has not responded to this situation with haste. […]

Is nothing Sacred?

If you go to the movies to be entertained, distracted or amused, then “The Passion of The Christ” (Newmarket Films) is not your kind of film. You’re signing up to watch a man be beaten, tortured and killed in extremely graphic detail. It’s a film made to provoke and upset, disarm and engage. To that […]

D.C. police bust Tequila Grill

Metropolitan Police arrested three students at a Saturday night party sponsored by a Student Association presidential candidate. At about 11:30 p.m., undercover MPD officers entered the Tequila Grill restaurant and bar and approached three students – two male and one female – sitting at a table drinking alcohol provided to them by guests over the […]

Editorial: Wait a year

Last semester, this page argued that despite the obvious need for more student group funding, supporting a unilateral increase in the per-credit Student Association fee would be irresponsible given the SA’s questionable track record when handling such funds. Since then, University officials discovered a serious discrepancy in the University’s SA accounting books in which $52,000 […]