February 20, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 45

Stories from the February 20, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet.

20th century expression and spirit at the Phillips Collection

When looking back at early 20th century art, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali are the names that come to mind. Other than the realist images of Grant Wood’s farmers and Henry Whistler’s reclining mother, the American public may remain uninformed about those who pioneered the modernist era here in the United States. So […]

Faculty debate sign language status

Students will be able to fulfill foreign language and culture requirements with American Sign Language in coming years if the University adopts a faculty proposal. Geralyn Schulz, chair of the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, drafted the proposal with Curtis Robbins, another faculty member in the department, and said she is “optimistic” about getting […]

Verse magazine debuts at GW

GW students saw a new perspective on fashion, the campus social scene and University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg’s drinking habits Tuesday with the launch of Verse magazine. The magazine offers a realistic perspective on campus life, with stories on drinking, nightlife and a candid interview with Trachtenberg about his college days. The 31-page publication is […]

Preaching Love:

Since the early 1970s, Al Green has been sweeping women off their feet with his love ballads, and last November, he released his latest album, I Can’t Stop. “Some people ask, ‘does the Reverend still got it?’” Green exclaimed before a near-capacity crowd at DAR Constitution Hall Friday night. After the Reverend hit some incredible […]

Housing Lottery 2004: Few students elect to stay in current rooms

GW received fewer than 30 applications from students choosing to keep their current on-campus housing, with most students electing to select new housing assignments or move off campus, Housing Services officials said. The new policy, dubbed “squatters rights,” was established this year to encourage upperclassmen to stay on campus and fill GW’s growing number of […]

SA candidates debate

Student Association presidential and executive vice presidential candidates gave their positions on U.S.-Israel relations, on-campus kosher food options and birth control at a forum Wednesday night. The hour-long event, sponsored by the Jewish Student Association and Student Alliance for Israel, addressed issues pertaining to GW’s Jewish community. About 40 students attended to hear their candidates’ […]

More awkward than puberty

Tupac and Biggie. Jay Z and Nas. Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. These are the contenders in the biggest pop culture feuds of the last 10 years. Apparently, Disney’s “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” was a major bone of contention for the two starlets. But the final product is a movie so erratic and […]

GW looks to replace SSNs with random IDs

University officials are looking into abandoning GW’s longstanding practice of using Social Security numbers to identify students. Officials said they have yet to commit themselves to a change and cautioned that they are only investigating the feasibility of a switch. A change would likely involve assigning students randomly generated numbers that would replace Social Security […]

Law School shortens term

The Law School will shorten its semester by one week this fall, allowing some students to enjoy a longer summer and attend job interviews, officials said. Last month, the law faculty approved a Student Bar Association proposal to switch from a 14- to 13-week schedule for law students who have completed at least three semesters […]

And the town cheered!

Small-town populations almost never catch a break in the dramatic world. For the most part, plays and movies have consistently reduced them to flat but lovable characters who bemuse city folk and cheer at town meetings. “Welcome to Mooseport” (20th Century Fox) is no different, as the audience can hardly expect the citizens of Mooseport […]