February 12, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 43

Stories from the February 12, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Are you trying to impress a certain someone this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to do something special on a budget? Or maybe you just didn’t make dinner reservations for Feb. 14 far enough in advance. Whatever your Valentine’s Day circumstances may be, the best – and most economical – solution is cooking a special […]

Kerry sweeps weekend caucuses

Posted 4:25pm February 13 by Melissa Kronfeld U-WIRE Washington Bureau Last weekend’s caucuses proved to be yet another stunning victory for Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who swept Michigan and Washington on Saturday and Maine on Sunday. Kerry received 52 percent of the vote in Michigan. Former Governor Howard Dean was left trailing far behind with […]

Campuses cope with suicides

When University of Arizona sophomore Jed Satow took his own life in 1998 he left his family and friends searching for reasons why a student with so much promise would commit suicide. Satow, a popular and jovial teen from New York, never showed signs of the depression that his mother said ultimately claimed his life. […]

Wicked love on screen and in song

Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day has been snatched from the street and into the van of corporate exploitation and greed, smacked around a bit, and left on the side of the road, bruised and battered. Below is a list of films and albums that offer skewed, warped and even perverse points of view on love and […]

Voters see health care as top priority

Posted 4:27pm February 13 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Voters are increasingly citing health care as a top concern in the 2004 presidential election, a consistent finding in exit polls taken across the nation in the last few months. The shortcomings of the current state of health care in the United States — including […]

Bush budget stirs debate

Posted 4:29pm February 13 by Nell McGarity U-WIRE Washington Bureau Last week, President Bush released his budget proposal, which increases spending in education, defense and homeland security while many programs receive cuts. The over 1,000 page volume outlines the president’s proposal for increased defense spending by 7 percent, increased homeland security spending by 10 percent, […]

Single? Make Feb. 14 ‘friends day’

Senior Dave Wildermuth is going to spend this Valentine’s Day just like any other Saturday night – at a bar, drinking with his friends. He said he doesn’t remember Valentine’s Day ever being special. “It’s just another day of the year,” he said. “It’s just like trying to remember what I did on February 13 […]

Defibrillating ‘Allegro’

It resembled an act of hubris, as Signature Theatre’s artistic director, Eric Schaeffer, attempted to awaken this Rodgers and Hammerstein failure. Like the biblical Lazarus arising from his crypt, “Allegro” has returned to haunt theater once more. Receiving mixed reviews upon its Broadway opening in 1947, this experimental musical closed less than 10 months later, […]

Kerry sweeps Tennessee, Virginia; Clark drops out

Posted 4:31pm February 13 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau Massachusetts Senator John Kerry pulled farther ahead of his remaining rivals yesterday, winning resounding victories in the Virginia and Tennessee primaries. These two contests followed three caucuses over the weekend in Washington state, Michigan and Maine that Kerry also won. Retired General Wesley Clark announced […]

Editorial: A lack of trust

University Police has announced that it is in the midst of training officers to use breathalyzers to aid in combating underage drinking on campus. Beginning next month, these breathalyzers will enable UPD to approach and test students on the street whom they suspect of being drunk. This program represents a precarious step toward the restriction […]