February 5, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 41

Stories from the February 5, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Ranting Rollins

He said he was going to penetrate the “salty sea” of right-wing fanatic Anne Coulter. Half the crowd gasped in awe, the other half was shocked into hysterics. It was impossible to resist: I was undoubtedly part of the latter. The reality of sitting for more than three hours and watching a very active middle-aged, […]

Dems battle it out in South Carolina debate

Posted 11:57am February 7 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau In the last debate before Tuesday’s seven-state primary, all seven presidential candidates gathered in Greenville, S.C. Thursday night, to debate the war in Iraq, the economy, health care and elect-ability. Front-runner Sen. John Kerry and Vermont Governor Howard Dean spent the evening batting heads. Dean […]

GW set to raise tuition, propose fixed price

GW officials are set to propose a unique fixed tuition plan for incoming students to the Board of Trustees Friday, as the University looks at new strategies to cope with a tight budget. The University will also be proposing a traditional increase for continuing students, but administrators are declining to release the exact figure until […]

Editorial: A risky endeavor?

Four times a year GW’s Board of Trustees meets to discuss and decide on important issues concerning the future of the University. At the next meeting – scheduled for this Friday – the Board is set to debate a proposal fixing tuition rates for incoming freshmen over four years as an alternative to yearly tuition […]

Kay sheds light on weapons hunt

Posted 12:01pm December 7 by Nell McGarity U-WIRE Washington Bureau The former head of the Iraq Survey Group, David Kay, testified last week about his findings in Iraq, mainly that the arsenal that intelligence claimed was there is yet to be found. This public scrutiny of a portion of the Bush administration’s support for invading […]

D.C. homeless brave winter

In the hypothermia ward of a D.C. homeless shelter, scores of men lie curled up in rickety cots, hiding under mounds of government-issued blankets. They are refugees of a harsh D.C. winter that has seen at least four people die of prolonged exposure to below-freezing temperatures. “In the cold weather, it’s a difficult situation … […]

Letters to the Editor

Students have spoken After reading Monday’s editorial, I was forced to ask myself, “What reasons did The Hatchet have for endorsing Sen. John Edwards for the Democratic presidential nomination?” Perhaps it is because of Edwards’ excellent showing in the D.C. Primary and his large on-campus support. Or maybe because of the serious resources he has […]

Nathanson Surprises, DeGraw Doesn’t

Matt Nathanson and Gavin DeGraw, who played at the 9:30 Club together on Tuesday night, both work using a well-read rulebook, one that was written by Elton John and James Taylor and has since been read by aspiring male singer/songwriters time and time again. Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Jason Mraz are examples of those […]

BREAKING NEWS: Board of Trustees approves tuition hike

Posted 1:09 p.m. Feb. 6: The GW Board of Trustees approved a 5 percent tuition hike for continuing students Friday and gave the go ahead for the University’s fixed-pricing plan for incoming students. Juniors and seniors will have to write a check to GW for $30,530 while sophomores will be charged $30,820 for tuition and […]

Come join our community

“No one can tell you what Greek life is … you just have to see it for yourself.” By now, hopefully you have seen this tagline at the top of the Interfraternity Council Rush posters around campus. Hopefully you have taken the time to notice the names of the fraternities on that poster, which the […]