January 29, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 39

Stories from the January 29, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Column: No ominous sign

Apparently GW Hatchet contributor Paul Kendrick missed his talking points from the Democratic National Committee, for he is one of the few remaining liberals who still has enough political nerve to take issue with the state of the American economy. Economic growth, soaring investor and consumer confidence and home ownership rates, and more than 500,000 […]

The Big Bounce, a big flop

One would hope that there was more to “The Big Bounce” (Warner Bros.) than its trailer let on, but that’s just not the case. All of the film’s laughs manage to fit in its 30-second trailer, and the story isn’t expanded much further than the premise provided by its previews. The film tells the story […]

Letters to the Editor

Pandering to students When The Hatchet routinely runs accounts of the serious consequences of excessive and often underage drinking in its Crime Log, it is ludicrous that the Hatchet editorial board irresponsibly declared underage drinking “a seemingly insignificant issue” (“Intriguing Lawsuit,” Jan. 22, p. 4). The countless tales of emergency room visits and criminal behavior […]

3 Doors Down rings in the rock

3 Doors Down blasted the doors off the DAR Constitution Hall Sunday night with a southern rock furor. Their vibrant performance with the more youthful bands Tantric and Shinedown made for an eclectic mix of alternative rock. The band began its set with an elaborate light show, but the crowd didn’t brighten up until two […]

Greek Briefs

Honors fraternity looks for recruits The Phi Sigma Pi coed national honors fraternity will hold an informational “meet night” Tuesday. The event will be held in the Marvin Center Continental Ballroom from 8 to 10 p.m. The fraternity holds social programs and fundraising activities throughout the year. All members must have at least a 3.0 […]

Editorial: Winter session could ease money woes

Last year the administration proposed a mandatory summer session for rising juniors that could have generated up to $11 million in perpetual revenue for GW, according to University projections. Although the plan may have had the ability to solve a number of revenue-related issues for the University, it was met with nearly unanimous opposition from […]

Column:Super Bowl is CI all over again

If you don’t gamble and you’re not from New England or the Carolinas, then Super Bowl weekend might be tough to stomach. I’m looking forward to Sunday as a Patriots fan, but for non-New Englanders, it might feel like the second-coming of Colonial Inauguration. Instead of being “super,” the upcoming weekend has turned into a […]

Column: GW’s part in the dream

Reflecting on last Monday, the day that has been nationally set aside as a dedication to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream, evoked mixed feelings. On one hand, it was a beautiful sight to see hundreds of students come together and go into the community to make a positive change. These students were […]

Column: Israel worth the trip

“Are you crazy?” That was just one of the many responses I heard from my friends and family when I told them I would be traveling to Israel during winter break. The other question I was asked a number of times was “Are you sure you want to go to Israel?” Yes, I was sure. […]