January 20, 2004

Volume 100, Issue 36

Stories from the January 20, 2004 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GW to give MLK awards

“The potential of Dr. King’s dream is not reached through the individual efforts of a particular group but through the collective effort of the nation, united under the banner of freedom and justice,” junior Isaiah Pickens wrote of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. Pickens said he has molded his life around King’s messages […]

Column: Students need to speak up

In October 2003, the faculty of the GW Law School voted to join the Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights. You may very well ask, ‘Why does that matter? I mean, doesn’t the University join all kinds of things that I never even hear about? Why should I care?’ You should care. Why? Because it’s […]

Campus Calendar

Tuesday Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to speak and discuss new book, “Madam Secretary: A Memoir” 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. – Discussion 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. – Book Signing 1957 E Street room 213 Words of Choice A theater piece about pro-choice women and their lives 8 to 11 p.m. Marvin Center Amphitheater, third […]

The rules, the culture, the subtleties of beer pong

“It’s got balls. It’s got defense. That’s a sport to me,” said junior Gabi Gillett. If such criteria truly define a sport, then beer pong has become a more legitimate sport than cheerleading on college campuses nationwide. “It’s not a game of science and strategy. It’s a game of shooting. You can’t play when you’re […]

Staff Editorial: Be wary of changes

Last semester The Hatchet argued that while Colonial Cash has opened up an unprecedented number of new dining options, it is seriously endangering the dining institutions on which students have come to rely. Now the administration is stating that it is looking into independent alternatives to Aramark for the Ivory Towers dining facility, set to […]

Breakfast at Miriam’s

At 6:30 in the morning, Wood (last name withheld) is standing in the cold outside Western Presbyterian Church, talking with his friends and selling cigarettes – two for a quarter – as he waits for the doors of Miriam’s Kitchen to open. Normally the dining room would be open for business now, but things are […]

Column: Valid cause to protest

In October, French Ambassador Jean-David Levitte participated in the Elliott School Ambassador’s Forum with a lecture on French-American relations. In an excellent speech, the ambassador reminded the audience of France and America’s history of standing together in conflicts ranging from our respective revolutions to world wars. The ambassador explained how this special relationship ensures that […]

Battle of the Sexes

Question: I’ve been dating a guy for more than a year and I’m starting to get bored. I’d feel bad if I broke up with him just for being dull, especially since I didn’t used to feel this way. Is there a way to renew my interest in him, or should I not even bother? […]

Column: Un-American policy

Early in Islamic history, Ali ibn Abi Talib fought against the Kharijites, a breakaway extremist group and possible founder of Islamic extremism, and created the slogan “La hukma illa li-llahi” – “There is no rulership except that of God.” Ali ibn Abi Talib was supposed to have said “Khata kalam murhak yurad bihi batil,” or […]

Gymnasts score their best, but UNC is better

The GW gymnastics team posted its best season-opening score ever at the Smith Center Sunday with a 192.500 total. But it was still not enough to topple No. 20 University of North Carolina, who won the GW Invitational for the second straight year with a team score of 194.800. The Colonials finished second out of […]