October 23, 2003

Volume 100, Issue 22

Stories from the October 23, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Iraq funding passes House, Senate

Posted 12:00am October 24 by Melissa Kronfeld U-WIRE Washington Bureau President George W. Bush’s $87 billion plan to reconstruct Iraq and Afghanistan passed in both the House and Senate last week, but not before a contentious debate between lawmakers. Emotions ran high as both Republicans and Democrats questioned the priorities and financial intentions of the […]

Mystic River review

When labeling a movie a thriller, most would envision a certain formula. A murder leads to an obvious suspect. But wait! Climactically, this suspect is vindicated with obscured details that point decisively to the most harmless or uneventful character in the film. A second outcome could be more manipulative. The uneventful character is really innocent […]

‘Under God’ under fire

Posted 12:03am October 24 by Nell McGarity U-WIRE Washington Bureau The pledge of allegiance case, which will be heard by the Supreme Court without conservative Justice Antonin Scalia next year, will bring forth not only questions of the constitutionality of the phrase “under God” in the pledge, but also the issue of legal standing. The […]

U.N. approves Iraq resolution

Posted 12:01am October 24 by Ilana Weinberg U-WIRE Washington Bureau The U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution that will establish a multinational force led by the United States in a unanimous vote last Thursday. The resolution appeals to other members of the U.N. in hopes that they will contribute money and support to the U.S. […]

Talking baseball with The Boss

It had been a long day I had been in New York City all weekend covering press events for an upcoming movie release. The city was undoubtedly more charged than usual, with the Yankees-Red Sox feud just ending. An air of extra importance had swept over the city the prior week, and with the fantastic […]

No Child Left Behind might hurt Bush

Posted 12:02am October 24 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau President Bush’s No Child Left Behind program, once seen as a political milestone for the Republican Party, may now be a threat to Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004. In an October 13th Washington Post article, David Winston, a pollster for the congressional Republicans said, “Bush […]

GW survives Dunning’s absence

The GW volleyball team swept George Mason Tuesday night at the Smith Center for its second victory over the Patriots this season. Despite playing without senior co-captain Lauren Dunning, the Colonials won easily compared to their five-game victory over GMU in the season-opening Patriot Invitational. Freshman Kaimana Lee replaced Dunning to make the first start […]

Sniper suspect changes mind on representation

Posted 12:04am October 24 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Accused Washington, D.C.-area sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad reversed his decision to represent himself Wednesday morning. The decision came two days after Muhammad, with no formal legal training, began a shaky self-defense. The defendant surprised the nation when he announced on the first day of […]

Column: Sox, Cubs fans not the only ones waiting for next year

And you thought the Yankees-Red Sox series was exciting. Can you feel the electricity on campus this week? It’s unbelievable. All those Yankees fans wearing their hats while trying to remember that the World Series is still being played. Both of those Marlins fans wearing jerseys that haven’t seen the light of day in years. […]

Staff Editorial: The faculty and trimesters

This is the second in a series of editorials addressing the proposed alternative academic calendar. With the many student life concerns dominating the discussion surrounding the administration’s proposal for a mandatory summer session, it is easy to overlook the potential impact a change to a trimester-like system could have on GW’s faculty. While administrators stress […]