October 20, 2003

Volume 100, Issue 21

Stories from the October 20, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Analyzing trimesters: Student groups fear leadership issues

While administrators are analyzing how a mandatory summer session would impact academics at GW, student organization leaders are considering how their groups would function over the summer. GW has been exploring ways to improve academic life and the utilization of campus facilities since last spring, when a committee formed to research a proposal for a […]

Column: Higher education in a post-industrial society

It used to be that tending the crops and looking after the livestock were more important than learning to read and add a column of figures. It made sense. The world, until recently, lived by agriculture. Even when societies acquired enough leisure time to teach their young formally, they still gave precedence to the crops […]

Analyzing trimesters: FB residents oppose summer session

Foggy Bottom residents said they are concerned about losing their “quiet summers” if the University adopts a mandatory summer session. Under a proposed calendar change, students would be required to spend the summer between their sophomore and junior year taking courses at GW. The change would keep more than 2,000 students on campus each summer, […]

Column: Not a path worth taking

With the trimester debate raging on campus, it seems that students, faculty and the administration, alike, are overlooking one crucial effect of this proposal. While administrators are already busy planning how they will spend additional revenue created by this system, they have failed to consider the dramatic effect these changes will have on student life. […]

Analyzing trimesters: Faculty wary of change

Although many faculty members said they oppose a University initiative to implement a mandatory summer session, several said they are eager to work with the administration to work out issues with the proposal or find better solutions. “It’s fair to say comments are generally unfavorable to the (proposals),” said professor Michael King, chair of the […]

Letters to the Editor

Bias in the A-10 I would like to respond to some of University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg’s statements in an article regarding the Atlantic 10 restructuring (“Atlantic 10 moves toward expansion,” Sept. 29, p. 16). I am specifically concerned with the statement that the A-10 should look beyond St. Louis and Charlotte as replacements. Also, […]

Trustees discuss boosting revenue

The University’s highest decision-making body is beginning to discuss the effects of implementing a mandatory summer session and altering GW’s credit structure. Although the Board of Trustees did not vote on specific proposals, members of the supervisory body are joining the year-old debate over altering GW’s academic calendar. GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg addressed the […]

D.C. launches investigation into GW Hospital

D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams ordered an investigation Thursday into reports that the GW Hospital refused to treat a patient because she is a black resident of Southeast D.C. The call for an investigation comes several days after paramedics told the city that the hospital arbitrarily closed its doors Saturday night to a 97-year-old woman who […]

Analyzing trimesters: GW investigates 4×4 course structure

Quietly hidden in a group study room in the Gelman Library, freshmen Ksenia Guvakova and Rydhwana Hossian pour over a set of densely highlighted biology textbooks, a familiar scene for most students preparing for midterms. “We’ve been doing bio for the past two weeks,” Guvakova said. Hossian described her approach to her work as “Finish […]

Analyzing trimesters: Term would raise extra revenue

The University could bring in an additional $12 million per year if it institutes a mandatory summer session currently under investigation for rising juniors. Since juniors would take either the subsequent fall or spring semester off from school, the University would be able to fill their spots by enrolling an additional 1,000 students. Tuition from […]