October 20, 2003

Volume 100, Issue 21

Stories from the October 20, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Varsity Roundup

Women win swimming invitational The GW women’s swimming team won the Potomac Relay Invitational at Georgetown Friday, while the men’s team placed second behind American. The women annihilated the seven-team field, totaling 114 points to beat out second-place George Mason, which finished with 57 points. Sophomore Maggie Moss set a pool record in her leadoff […]

Women take over D.C. media

The rising trend of female leadership in the media field in the past 25 years has left people wondering, why are women so successful in top executive positions once held predominantly by males? “Women tend to be more collaborative and intuitive, more so than the average guy,” said Kathryn Kross, CNN’s D.C. Bureau Chief. “I […]

Hail to the Buff

The last thing anyone expects to see when entering a classroom at GW is a naked man standing perfectly still, every eye in the room trained on the defining lines of his muscles. For GW art students, however, it’s just another day at the studio. Rob White, a GW junior, knows all about holding the […]

Battle of the Sexes

Q: How do I let a girl know that I want her to go down on me when we are hooking up without actually pushing her head down? Should I ask? If yes, then how? –Don’t want to be pushy Chick: Pushing a girl’s head down is not such a good idea. Most girls already […]

Going to chez Wendy’s

Wendy’s 1725 K St. N.W. 466-4735 Ladies, imagine this: the boy from down the hall finally asks you out for dinner on Saturday night. All week you obsess over what to wear – black pants, cute skirt, that new off-the-shoulder top. You engage in endless discussions with your friends about where he is going to […]

Analyzing trimesters: Student groups fear leadership issues

While administrators are analyzing how a mandatory summer session would impact academics at GW, student organization leaders are considering how their groups would function over the summer. GW has been exploring ways to improve academic life and the utilization of campus facilities since last spring, when a committee formed to research a proposal for a […]

Column: Higher education in a post-industrial society

It used to be that tending the crops and looking after the livestock were more important than learning to read and add a column of figures. It made sense. The world, until recently, lived by agriculture. Even when societies acquired enough leisure time to teach their young formally, they still gave precedence to the crops […]

Analyzing trimesters: FB residents oppose summer session

Foggy Bottom residents said they are concerned about losing their “quiet summers” if the University adopts a mandatory summer session. Under a proposed calendar change, students would be required to spend the summer between their sophomore and junior year taking courses at GW. The change would keep more than 2,000 students on campus each summer, […]

Column: Not a path worth taking

With the trimester debate raging on campus, it seems that students, faculty and the administration, alike, are overlooking one crucial effect of this proposal. While administrators are already busy planning how they will spend additional revenue created by this system, they have failed to consider the dramatic effect these changes will have on student life. […]