October 6, 2003

Volume 100, Issue 17

Stories from the October 6, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Letters to the Editor

We think the GW student body deserves some clarification. WRGW would like to offer this letter in response to recent articles published in the GW Hatchet. First, regarding the letter to the editor titled “It’s About Time” (Oct. 2, pg. 5), broadcasting the Student Association meeting is an excellent idea – so excellent that WRGW […]

Staff Editorial: The Hatchet Meter

Business School A D.C. Court of Appeals ruling that waived city restrictions on construction until 2006 finally allows the administration to go ahead with the business school they “broke ground” on nearly a year ago – a much needed improvement. The ruling still left an opening for the city to invoke a restriction on underclassmen […]

ColumnThe administration that cried wolf

Before the war in Iraq, the Bush administration cried out over the hill to the townspeople that a wolf was on the verge of attacking the sheep. They told the American people that Iraq possessed weaponry making it an immediate threat to U.S. security. The administration said Iraq had a well-developed nuclear program that presented […]

Sports briefs

The GW men’s basketball team will mark the end of preseason training Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. when the team takes a 1.5-mile jog with fans around the Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool. Interested students, faculty, staff and community members will have the opportunity to run with the team, meet players and coaches and discuss the […]

Column: City must improve H Street safety

Your front-page article Oct. 2 (“Vehicle hits student”), reporting the accident in which a student was hit by a car on H Street struck a raw nerve in me and the staff of Gelman Library. For several years I have attempted to get someone to do something about the chaos and dangerous conditions that exist […]

Early Hatchet staff makes history

“The University needed a newspaper,” Jesse Barrett said, reflecting on his role in founding The Weekly Columbian in 1902. When the Columbian University changed its name to the George Washington University in 1904, the fledgling newspaper followed suit, becoming The University Hatchet. On October 5, 1904, Editor-in-Chief F.S. Hemmick introduced the first Hatchet, a 24-page […]

Column: Open letter to Professor Manheim

Dear Professor Jarol B. Manheim, In response to the disruption that took place during one of your classes on Sept. 10, we are writing to express concern regarding your recent involvement in the labor disputes at Verizon. While workers at Verizon Wireless sites were trying to form a union with the Communication Workers of America […]

GW establishes first campus

Upon his appointment in 1910, University President Charles Stockton had a large student body and able faculty, but little else. GW had no endowment, little property and a massive debt. In 1912, the University bought the St. Rose’s Industrial building at 2023 G St. with borrowed money and moved the Columbian College to its new […]

Influenza epidemic infects GW Hospital

Washington could not have been less prepared for the Spanish flu epidemic in fall 1918. The city was already suffering through the difficulties presented by World War I. Nearly its entire military-age population was dedicated to the war effort when it found itself in the throws of an acute medical crisis. Doctors and nurses were […]

Prohibition taps the keg dry

Bootlegging, beer-flats, speakeasies and moonshine – all terms connected with the 15-year period beginning in 1918 when the federal government and the American people were engaged in a perpetual tug-of-war over drinking alcohol. Remembering this period in American history may make those old enough to remember it grimace, and the very idea is enough to […]