May 1, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 66

Stories from the May 1, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Panel postpones academic report

A GW task force exploring a mandatory summer session and an alternative course structure will postpone its Thursday deadline to allow for further investigation. The task force will reconvene during the third week of May to establish a new deadline, said Phil Robinson, outgoing Student Association president and a member of the subcommittee on student […]

Departing Editors: Leaving the executive chair

At 2:17 on a Monday morning The Hatchet newsroom is unusually quiet. The editors still left in the messy office at 2140 G St. are downstairs in the production room, busy proofing pages, adjusting headlines and making final changes. A little laughter rises up the stairs as they chat, with red pens and highlighters in […]

State university students pay more, get less

Posted 11:13 a.m. May 10 by Elspeth A. Weingarten U-WIRE Washington Bureau Students are paying more and getting less, said Bob Samples, Director of University Communications and Marketing at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. “We’re losing state funding and we’re raising tuition to respond to that,” Samples said. But he said his school’s reaction to […]

Printing fee reduces usage

Students used 75 percent less paper from the Gelman Library System compared to last year, library officials said this week. They are attributing the decrease to the University mandatory printing fee, instituted last fall. Officials called the addition of a 7-cents-per-printed-page fee “successful,” as it saved the University money and resources, including paper and toner. […]

The Bar Belle: Farewell from Froggy Bottom Pub

You know where it is You know it’s free You know what to wear You’ve seen me there on Thursday afternoons in clay-covered sweatpants, getting an early start on happy hour. You’ve seen me straggle in at 2:30 a.m. in a formal dress, having decided that one more pitcher is more important than whatever fancy […]

Iraqi reconstruction underway

Posted 11:20 a.m. May 10 by Elspeth A. Weingarten U-WIRE Washington Bureau With the United States’ seizure of the Iraqi leadership last week from the capital city of Baghdad, the war is moving quickly. Scholars predict where the U.S. government expects to be in the next week. “We’ve moved into a less exciting period which […]

CCAS to alter language labs

Students may see a dramatic change in the format of the language lab in coming years, officials announced this week, including new activities and more extensive support than the current lab provides. Columbian College of Arts and Sciences officials said they are unsure when the proposed Center for Language, Learning and Teaching will open, but […]

John Malkovich tells tales of Prestige and Pretension

In Being John Malkovich we view the film’s namesake as a staunch performer, resigned to intellectual snobbery. He’s anal retentive, obsessive and unquestionably dull. Is this the real man we see, or perhaps simply a comic shadow? As Malkovich himself said in a recent Hatchet interview, it may be a bit of both. “Yes, I […]

The Juliana Theory

Life is really about the little things. Some treasure sunny days, cool nights or a soft bed. In my case, as I waited for my interview with The Juliana Theory, it was the sight of Eat ‘N Park smiley cookies. The sugar cookies, with their white glaze and colorful smiley faces, are as Western Pennsylvania […]

Upperclassmen wait for housing

Approximately 190 rising juniors and seniors are still without housing after this year’s lottery, housing officials said Wednesday. But all rising sophomores, including more than 170 who were on the list after the weekend’s lottery, have campus housing for next year. Andrew Sonn, director of Housing Services, said his office is working to find beds […]