April 14, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 61

Stories from the April 14, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Wisdom and Coffee

The South American papier-mache puppets hanging in the window are the first clue this isn’t a Barnes and Noble. Way up Connecticut Avenue, 10 minutes from the UDC/Van Ness Metro stop, is Politics and Prose, one of D.C.’s last great independent bookstores. But what really makes a bookstore independent? Beyond the obvious financial differences, what […]

2004 candidates discuss issues

The war in Iraq, the economy, health care and education policy highlighted a gathering of all nine 2004 Democratic presidential candidates Wednesday night. Though the candidates were split on the war, all agreed attacking the ailing economy and the Bush tax cut plan was their best opportunity to take back the White House in 2004. […]


Bill to cut foreign student assistance advances in Florida (U-WIRE) TALAHASSE, Fla. – A bill to ban the state of Florida from giving financial assistance to students who are citizens of countries on the U.S. State Department’s list of countries considered to be sponsors of terrorism passed the state House Education committee last Monday. The […]


Maryland presidential candidate disqualified A student running for president of the University of Maryland’s Student Government Association was barred from the election after serving alcoholic drinks to minors at a party. Pat Wu, presidential candidate of the TANG party, has challenged the ruling, the University of Maryland Diamondback reported. On April 5, Wu attended a […]

Staff Editorial: Poor planning equals tight fit

Administrators have routinely quelled student concerns about increasing class size by explaining GW has the academic facilities necessary to accommodate the ever-growing undergraduate population, which will near 10,000 students next year. One might believe the University’s assurances because of all the construction on campus, but apparently this is all an illusion. According to an administration-produced […]

All wound up

“Knit one, purl two, knit one, purl two.” This is not your grandmother’s knitting circle – Julia Roberts, Lauren Ambrose from HBO’s “Six Feet Under” and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi are members, too. Knitting is not just for old ladies anymore, and GW students are catching on to the trend, along with some of the […]

Letters to the Editor

Alumni e-mail In the past I used The Hatchet as a vehicle to display my discontent for GW’s administration via political cartoons. Whereas my previous work was more wit and humor than politics, my old age (almost a year removed) has made me mean and bitter. Normally I would just shake my head disapprovingly at […]

University hosts Embassy Dinner

A diverse group of about 150 dignitaries and GW community members convened in the Marvin Center Continental Ballroom Friday evening for the 71st annual Embassy Dinner. Dressed in formal or ethnic attire, attendees mingled with ambassadors and other diplomats, saw various cultural performances and received an exotic sampling of dishes from more than a dozen […]


Katie O’Neill, the lead singer of Paper Doll, participated in the Rock for Choice concert in the Hippodrome Friday evening. The event aimed to raise awareness for reproductive rights.

Reverse racism is still racism

Back when I was in high school, I stumbled upon the University of Michigan’s Web site. On it was an “online calculator” of my chances of being admitted. I keyed in my stats, extracurriculars, community service activities and race, and according to the calculator, I would have had a 99 percent chance of admission to […]