April 3, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 58

Stories from the April 3, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Blood, lust, revenge: Noam Chomsky deconstructs U.S. terrorism

“There can’t be a war against terrorism … it’s a logical impossibility … The thesis is 1) that we are total hypocrites on any issue relating to terrorism and 2) that the first thesis is so obvious, it takes real effort to dismiss it.” If one thinks back to a time before “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” […]

Exercise Science program becomes department

GW’s exercise science program became the third department of its kind in the country when it received full departmental status in late March. A program becomes a department once it has distinguished itself academically within its school, officials said. “The elevation of a program to departmental status is an action that is not taken lightly,” […]

A pantheon of politicized porcelin

Let’s just call it what it is-a joke-and be happy that we’re in on it. John Aaron’s “Pantheon of Scoundrels,” a small but strong collection of porcelain demi-dioramas, is now on display at the Zenith Gallery. Few members of the Republican party come away unscathed. The artist John Aaron depicts various governmental figures who, as […]

AT THE MOVIES: Very Dirty Dancing

Assassination Tango Andrew Phillips 3.5 Hatchets So OK, I’m that guy who kept stepping on the girl’s toes during the spring dance. Needless to say, the tango is well beyond my comprehension. Watching the screen, the dance seems a magical manifestation of beauty, desire and sex. It has an elusive nature and a definite mystique. […]

Let’s see that smile: National’s 42nd Street is a little too cheeky

Prodigious professionalism is no substitute for a heartfelt performance. There’s something uncomfortably chilly about the few dozen chorus members in “42nd Street,” who don’t blink while they mechanically go through their dances like a bevy of mannequins possessed by the spirit of Ginger Rodgers’ legs. It’s as if they each have a personal Mama Rose […]

What’s it about? The baby…oh yeah and naked people, too

The sign out front says to expect “nudity and adult themes.” Inside a young couple runs around, chasing each other, naked and giggling as the slapping sound of genitalia against flesh rings through the room. “Oh yeah” I think, “this is a play by Edward Albee.” Albees’ “The Play About the Baby” is currently playing […]

BAR BELLE: The Belle is better than you

Andalu Where: 1214 18th St., NW Dress: Stick to the dress code. No jeans or sneakers Cover: 10 bucks Carded: At the door Belle Rating: 4 bells Remember going to Five when you were a freshman? The line was all the way down the block. Your tube top was not the best call, given the […]

Monthly Club Roundup

Baseball The GW Club Baseball team is in the process of rescheduling 14 of its games that were scheduled over the past six weeks. The team is scheduled to play a cross-town match-up against Howard University at Bannekar Field in D.C. Saturday, April 5 and Sunday, April 6. All field information and game times can […]

Rugby bonds over games, parties

The GW men’s rugby team knows how to have a good time. And they should – in the rugby world, partying is almost as important as playing. Often extending invitations to the teams they just battled on the field, the rugby team throws parties in apartments, houses and has social events in Froggy Bottom Pub […]