March 31, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 57

Stories from the March 31, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Forum: Spit vs. Swallow

Spit A warm, thick fluid oozes down the back of your throat, already sore from a huge dick (unless you’re blowing a Georgetown guy) being shoved down it over and over again. Millions of dirty little sperm nestle into your tight stomach, digging their tiny heads into your intestines.

GW bhangra takes second in Blowout

GW took second place at Saturday’s sold-out Bhangra Blowout, an annual intercollegiate dance competition sponsored by the South Asian Society. Though GW won first prize last year, organizers of the event said they were pleased with their $1,500 prize. Bhangra Blowout, GW’s largest student-organized event, celebrated its 10th anniversary Saturday night in the Smith Center. […]

New terror alert issued for coach

After two years of scandal-free losing, the GW men’s basketball team is back in trouble with the law. As part of the government’s campaign against terror, the U.S. Department of Homecourt Security issued a new terror alert yesterday for head basketball coach Karl Sobbs. Homecourt Security Director Tom Fridge made the announcement, citing Sobbs’ incessant […]

Justin, you’re not black

In a recent interview with The BongHit, former pop mogul- turned-hip-hop superstar Justin Timberlake gave a shoutout to all of his loyal friends and fans. “Sheeeeiiiittt, yo, I am just keeping it real,” he said about the new direction of his career. He then adjusted his Yankees cap so that it rested crooked on the […]

Title IX repealed, women ousted

After 30 years of butch girls vainly attempting to play sports, young women at universities throughout the nation are finally headed back to the kitchen. Concluding a year of debate over what to do with Title IX, a presidential committee decided yesterday to revoke the law entirely. This removes all obligations from universities to give […]

GW cuts all sports except basketball

The GW Athletic Department announced yesterday it is cutting all varsity sports except men’s and women’s basketball, citing a total lack of interest from the student body. The decision lowers the number of sports offered at GW from 18 to two and gives the basketball teams 100 percent of athletic department funding, up one percent […]

GW nets Ohio phenom

Ohio prep phenom Hegot Games decided to forgo his rookie year in the NBA yesterday to play basketball at GW in a move that head coach Karl Sobbs called “an act of God.” Nobody really knows why Games chose GW over the NBA or Duke, Arizona or even Duquesne for that matter. “GW is gonna […]

Keg party will replace Midnight Madness

Instead of eliminating the tradition of Midnight Madness all together as planned earlier this year, the Athletic Department has decided to move the rally to the Delt House and replace all basketball-related events with “acts of spirited debauchery,” Athletic Director Jack Nopantz said yesterday. University officials had originally planned to scrap the event because of […]

Shit just keeps on happening in this joint

University implements “lifetime fee” Students will have a millionth reason to complain about GW’s extra fees and high tuition when administrators implement a $10,000 per year fee next year that students will pay to the University for the rest of their lives. Officials said the fee will increase their alumni giving rate and give GW […]

Men’s basketball searches for exoskeletons

Pleased with the progress his freshmen made this season, head men’s basketball coach Karl Sobbs announced yesterday he is making a concerted effort to get even skinnier recruits for next season. Strapped to find anyone more lanky than current freshmen Oh-my Williams, Fruit Loops Mensah-Bonsu and Mike Corridor, Sobbs said he was looking to have […]