March 31, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 57

Stories from the March 31, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Dick Driver: GW sex god

Dick Driver is a normal GW student. He puts his pants on one leg at a time, attends classes, socializes with friends and has wet, hot monkey sex on camera. The growing popularity of the electronic media program has made it possible for students and professors alike to combine their love of film with their […]

Staff Editorial: Smoke weed every day

The world is a crazy place. Most people are depressed, there is a war raging 24 hours a day live on TV, the economy is in the tank and school is fucking stressing you out. The tension is building, you can feel your heartbeat in your fingertips and you can’t stop the pounding on the […]

Drag queens bare all in Hippodrome

Makeup, wigs and dresses graced the dancers of the annual Drag Ball Saturday night at the Hippodrome. Professional and amateur drag queens from the area entertained a lively crowd of more than 200 students and locals, kicking off GW Pride’s “OUT and About Week,” a week of activities honoring gay issues and lifestyles. “We like […]

College company provides students with late night ‘eats’

These days, college students will do anything to earn a buck. While late night snack moguls Jimothy Cowlicks, Jatthew Manhandle and Janthony Ballsaresohairy’s entrepreneurial endeavor,, recently folded, the guys continue unabated. Their newest venture incorporates the GW ethic of making money with the freshman ethic of spreading it for anyone with at least three […]

Letters to the Editor

Stop the Press Listen, I am big whiny bitch and I know it. So I think The GW BongHit should listen to everything I say and change everything they do to accommodate my sensitivities that are based on the extreme fringes of political correctness and the fact that I have a 11-inch pole up my […]


Overnight guests banned during IMF protests With the World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings scheduled for April 12-13, Housing Services will not allow overnight guests from April 10-15 in GW residence halls. From 7 a.m. on April 10 until 7 a.m. on April 15, the only overnight guests permitted will be students’ family members. […]

Forum: Spit vs. Swallow

Spit A warm, thick fluid oozes down the back of your throat, already sore from a huge dick (unless you’re blowing a Georgetown guy) being shoved down it over and over again. Millions of dirty little sperm nestle into your tight stomach, digging their tiny heads into your intestines.

GW bhangra takes second in Blowout

GW took second place at Saturday’s sold-out Bhangra Blowout, an annual intercollegiate dance competition sponsored by the South Asian Society. Though GW won first prize last year, organizers of the event said they were pleased with their $1,500 prize. Bhangra Blowout, GW’s largest student-organized event, celebrated its 10th anniversary Saturday night in the Smith Center. […]

New terror alert issued for coach

After two years of scandal-free losing, the GW men’s basketball team is back in trouble with the law. As part of the government’s campaign against terror, the U.S. Department of Homecourt Security issued a new terror alert yesterday for head basketball coach Karl Sobbs. Homecourt Security Director Tom Fridge made the announcement, citing Sobbs’ incessant […]