March 6, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 53

Stories from the March 6, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Column: Backtracking on female progress

On March 8, 2003, the world will continue a long tradition of observing International Women’s Day. In the past, this day has been a celebration of global progress in women’s rights. This year, however, there is not much to celebrate. Since taking office, President George W. Bush and his administration have made numerous policy decisions […]

GW appeals ruling, housing selection set for late April

GW is filing an appeal this week of a recent federal appeals court decision that restricts where students can live and could hold up construction of a new business school. The University is requesting review of the case by a full nine-member U.S. Court of Appeals after a three-judge panel ruled against GW last month. […]

Column: Yale uprising exemplifies university labor progress

Something historical is happening this week at Yale University and reflects merely another stop on a bullet train speeding across America. This week thousands of students and community members joined 5,000 striking janitors, cafeteria workers, secretaries and graduate teaching assistants in the New Haven cold to support workers trying to negotiate stronger pensions, obtain job […]

Low turnout marks SA runoff

Candidates and election officials said their biggest concern is voter apathy during the Student Association presidential runoff this week, characterizing Wednesday’s 800-student turnout as “very low.” Students can vote Thursday, and Joint Elections Committee members expect to announce results at about midnight Thursday in the Hippodrome. Though this year’s election almost mirrored past elections with […]

Letters to the Editor

Palpable bias It should be noted that Ahmad Maaty’s article (“Reexaming a ‘beneficial relationship,’” March 3, p.4) attributes a quote to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that was entirely fabricated by a pro-Hamas American group called the Islamic Association for Palestine, IAP. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hamas, it is an Islamic […]

GW to combine points, debit dollars

GW will combine meal points and debit dollars into a “plan dollars” system next year, which will allow students to purchase items at all venues that currently accept points and debit dollars with a single meal plan. Plan dollars, which has not officially been named, will broaden students’ spending options and hold campus vendors more […]

INTERVIEW: One for the candy kids, a chat with Paul Oakenfield

Maybe I am a sad case Paul, maybe I am. I remember smoke rising, slashed by beams of red and blue light. Lights streaming across thousands of sweaty, dancing bodies. The bass beat pounded as my heart raced in time. I remember staring, with rapt attention as a kid swung glow sticks on long wires, […]

Lessons in conceptual fantasy

“Can you stop trying to repeat what I say?” “Why?” “Cause it’s getting annoying.” “How do you think I feel?” “Huh?” “Come again?” “Come again where?” Conversation can get a bit bizarre in the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Especially when one of the participants is an animatronic head, part of Ken Feingold’s “Sinking Feeling.” Feingold […]

Dean chats with students

Vermont Gov. Howard Dean appeared at the Capitol City Brewing Company for a campaign fundraiser Tuesday afternoon calling on students to support his presidential campaign. “The thing that means the most to me…is actually that banner right there : ‘Students for Dean,’” the Democratic presidential hopeful said to a crowd of young professionals and some […]