February 27, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 51

Stories from the February 27, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Bush outlines plan for post-Saddam Iraq

Posted 2:15p.m. Feb. 27 by Carolyn Polinsky U-WIRE Washington Bureau President Bush set out his vision of a “liberated Iraq” in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute on Wednesday night, saying that bringing about a postwar nation without Saddam Hussein would bring hope to the people of the Middle East region and set the […]

Staff Editorial: Level tuition off

The University Board of Trustees meets Friday to approve the administration’s proposed tuition increase, which is expected to be above the inflation rate at about four to five percent. Administrators will say that tuition hikes are needed to cover all the top-end amenities and services at GW, but a tuition increase, like any budgeted revenue, […]

International ANSWER travels from D.C. to NYC for protests

Posted 2:25p.m. Feb. 27 by Alex Kingsbury U-WIRE Washington Bureau The headquarters of the International ANSWER coalition is in a dilapidated row house in a bad part of Washington, D.C. The sleet was just beginning to fall as the office opened, what was the beginning of the blizzard of 2003 — one of the largest […]

The tragic art of urban decay

Housed in a room with cream-colored walls, the Corcoran’s collection of photographs titled “Joseph Mills: Inner City” is a startling remembrance of an era not too distant. An era of events that have scarred many and a social climate that has become even more severe over the years. Joseph Mills seems to struggle with the […]

New York protests draw thousands

Posted 2:40p.m. Feb. 27 by Alex Kingsbury & Andrew Snow U-WIRE Washington Bureau Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Manhattan, Saturday taking part in a worldwide demonstration against war with Iraq. Police reported more than 250 arrests in a relatively peaceful day that saw around 100,000 people filling the streets of New York […]

A Rock Reeducation

As the Strokes, on repeat, begin to splinter the eardrums, you’re met with a realization. “There’s got to be more to this rock resurgence. There’s just got to be.” “The bands” might offer a momentary escape from the MTV doldrums, but are they really reinvigorating the rock scene? Nah. Don’t be so quick to weep […]

Breaking News: Hart, Sobel to face in SA run-off

Posted 5:30a.m. Preliminary Election Results STUDENT ASSOCIATION President (Top two candidates will face in run-off next week) -Kris Hart-33 percent -Steve Sobel-18 percent Executive Vice President -Eric Daleo-51 percent PROGRAM BOARD Executive Chair -Jon Reiling For full story and complete results check www. GWHATCHET.com throughout the day.

BAR BELLE: Girls Gone Wild…part II

Where: Angles, 2339 18th St., NW Carded: Maybe Cover: None Dress: I just don’t know anymore You know when you revisit a childhood memory and learn that it’s not what it was at all? Like finding our Mr. Rogers is a pedophile or that Snuffy beat Big Bird. That’s how I felt last weekend when […]